Plant Horoscope and Lucky Zodiac Plants

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

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What is Plant Zodiac?

Since early in the history, humans observed the cyclicity that plants have when they grow according to their seasons, while astrology and botany with their cyclicism have similar nature.

The myths surrounding the plants, their medicinal properties given from Mother Nature, unseen cycles that connect many different factors in our world gave ideas to some astrology concepts such as: Druid Horoscope, Celtic Tree Calendar, Indian Vedic Systems Jyotish Shastra (Vastu Shastra), Ayurvedic studies, and many others.

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They all have similar idea of a connection between year seasons, plant growth, and the cycles of the stars in the sky - usually we call them the Zodiac circle. Plants seen from an astrological perspective show us how zodiac signs and plants are connected. From this perspective, people, plants, planets and constellations are made of the same Elements (fire, earth, air and water) and Energies (hot/dry, hot/moist, cold/dry, cold/moist). This commonality facilitates people's connection with nature and the Universe.
Plants provide an opportunity to clearly demonstrate the commonality of the basic elements as all the Earth living things: humans, beasts and plants as much as clusters of constellations.


Therefore, every person born under one or another sign of the Zodiac has special flowers, herbs and spices that come into active resonance with them. Moreover, plants other than your Zodiac signs can have an additional positive (or negative) effect due to the governing planet coinciding or not coinciding with the main planet of your sign.


It is curious to think about such a phenomenon, which occurs quite often: some flowers do not love us. We love them with all our souls, and we look after them, but... And nothing! Nothing and not more. But this means that we are simply trying to grow not "own", astrologically not our plant. Misalignment of vibrations of cosmic energies faster or slower leads to complete loss of contact, regression and death. And since the flower is weaker than the human individual, it is he who dies, and not the person growing it.
And there are many reverse examples when, in the event of a complete coincidence of cosmic frequencies, after the death of a person, the established for long time relationship is lost, and the tree, bush or simply favorite flower planted by him, growing in a pot, dries up after leaving his "star half" for no apparent reason.


Zodiac Signs with Green Thumbs

It is common knowledge that there are people with "green thumbs," who, as they say, have a stick grows in the ground, but there are such that they can grow nothing, even if they really want. What's the matter? It is acting of the Zodiac again. The most fortunate "green thumbs" are:

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)

Solar signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces)

And those who can grow practically nothing, belong to

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

All this does not mean that not everyone may successful communicate with a green friends growing and care them. With a proper, conscious approach, even the most "bad luck" gardeners can find "their" plants. Our horoscope will help to recognize what a plants you may to grow successfully, and which plant can become your personal happy talisman.

This horoscope deliberately does not describe the professional and physiological features of signs (health/illness, preferred professions, etc.) - this can be learned from any general horoscope literature or internet. Our task is to find the maximum compatibility of human with plants, to understand the internal component of the relationship of each of Zodiac signs with plants and to ensure their harmonious coexistence with each other.

In our Zodiac Plant columns, we will reveal connections between Plants and Humans for each sign of their Zodiac.

What are your lucky plants?

See articles on Lucky Zodiac plants for the following Horoscope signs:
(To be continued...)

♑ Capricornus (Goat): December 22 - January 19

♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20 - February 18

♓ Pisces (Fish): February 19 - March 20

♈ Aries (Ram): March 21 - April 19

♉ Taurus (Bull): April 20 - May 20

♊ Gemini (Twins): May 21 - June 21

♋ Cancer (Crab): June 22 - July 22

♌ Leo (Lion): July 23 - August 22

♍ Virgo (Virgin): August 23 - September 22

♎ Libra (Balance): September 23 - October 23

♏ Scorpius (Scorpion): October 24 - November 21

♐ Sagittarius (Archer): November 22 - December 21

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