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By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

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Aries 03/21-4/20

Fixed Star - alpha Aries, orange giant 'Hamal' (Arabic ""Head of the Ram")
Planet-ruler of the house - Mars
Element FIRE

Talisman Plant - White flower

Aries is the first sign that opens the Zodiac and the first sign of the elements of Fire. In ancient times, alpha Aires, Hamal, was important as the brightest star in the constellation that contained the Northern Vernal Equinox, the point where the Sun’s apparent path crosses the celestial equator from south to north, marking the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Due to the Earth’s axial precession, the Equinox has since moved to the neighbouring constellation Pisces, but between 2000 and 100 BCE, it was in Aries, which is why Aries is still the first sign of the zodiac in astrology and the Sun “enters” (in astrological terms) to Aries on the first day of spring, symbolizes sunrise and the beginning of all the beginnings of being. Today, Hamal conjuncts the Sun around April 24, and the Spring Equinox takes place around March 20. The March 2022 Equinox arrived on March 20.

The date of the holiday occurs at the same time of the Iranian new year (Norouz), which is celebrated in many places throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Other holidays occurring around this time include Ostara (amongst neopagans), Chunfen in China, and Vernal Equinox Day (a public holiday in Japan), among others.

International Astrology Day (most often observed on either March 20 or March 21) was first asserted by the Association for Astrological Networking in 1993 and is an annual observance/holiday celebrated by astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. It is seen by astrologers as the beginning (first day) of the astrological year. It is the first full day of the astrological sign of Aries and thus marks the beginning of the tropical Zodiac.

Confident, energetic and fearless Aries, despite a stubborn forehead and steeply bent horns, is gentle and peaceful creature. Nevertheless, upholding his ideals, he can stubbornly go to the end non plus ultra, even to sacrificial death. Lamb is considered as sacrificial animal for a reason!

But in everyday life Aries are fun, kind and friendly people. Yes, stubborn, of course, but light character most often directs this stubbornness to achieve their goals, make a dreams come true.

With the same perseverance and energy, Aries will grow his flowers, and the plants, warming under the rays of the morning sun, will grow and bloom to the joy for all: Aries, animals, humans and all live creatures. Aries is a great gardener. By his careful control and friendly energy grows, blooms and fruiting everything whatever he planted. Aries can rightfully be considered the “greenest” of all Zodiac signs.

Fire and Mars – rulers of Aries’s house recommend it to prefer plants with bright flowers decorated with spikes and prickles, as well as having a spicy smell and burning-bitter fruits. At the same time, the tender part of the Aries soul stretches to green grass with small tender flowers – clover, daisies, forget-me-not. But despite this dissonance, Aries will never allow any plant to die due to his oversight, He will love and care for each of them.
The great importance in the life of all Zodiac signs belong to spices and spicy herbs. They can be grown at home or in the garden, or, if they do not have an opportunity or special desire, just consume them more often in the food. Also they have a favorable effect on Aries, although he does not really like them. However, to mitigate excessive stubbornness and strengthen the life tone of Aries, Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), Basil (Ocimum basilicum) and Ruta (Ruta graveolens) are vital and very, very important for him.

Aires Zodiac Lucky Plants:

Selenicereus megalanthus (Pitaya, Dragon Fruit), Euphorbias milii, Caesalpinia (Dwarf Poinciana), Oncoba spinosa (Fried Egg Tree), Perescia (Pink Rose cactus), Coccoloba uvifera (Sea Grape), Capsicum (Biquinho Pepper), Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon grass), Arachis glabrata (Ornamental Peanut), Gynura - Longevity Spinach, Plectranthus hadiensis tomentosus (Camphor Basil), Blighia sapida (Akee tree), Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea), Passiflora suberosa (Corkystem Passionflower), Eugenia aggregata (Cherry of the Rio Grande), Oxalis triangularis purpurea (Purple Shamrock), Trifolium repens (White clover).

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Arachis glabrata (Ornamental Peanut)

Arachis glabrata (Ornamental Peanut)

Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea)

Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea)

Blighia sapida (Akee tree)

Blighia sapida (Akee tree)

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