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15% OFF the most spectacular flowering trees

In the photo: Delonix regia - Royal poinciana, Flamboyant

Check out our extensive selection of rare tropical flowering trees.

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Including grafted Fancy Plumerias!


SUNSHINE Killit - Hand Sanitizer. FREE SAMPLE WITH $250 ORDER!

Hand Sanitizer to kill coronavirus - for your Family, Friends, and business Team! During COVID-19 we are here to help. Let's kill this thing!

Liquid hand sanitizer with natural ingredients and Jasmine scent that won't dry your skin! Very economic use, only a few drops needed to sanitize your hands. Kills viruses, germs, and bacteria in 10 sec. And it smells like jasmine! Ingredients: IPA alcohol 70%, Glycerin, Avocado oil, Jasmine oil, Lecithin. 

Rare seeds with FREE shipping

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New Fertilizers - for all your planting needs

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5% OFF any order over $100 (before S/H)
Get 7 gal mango at 5% off!

Remember that every order over $100 will get automatically 5% off.
Shop for large size trees, including 7 gal mango, and get an instant 5% discount for orders $100 and more!

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Plants under $20!


Buy One Get One FREE!

1. Save money: 100% cost of 1 plant (obvious)
2. Free gift. Get 2 plants - 1 for yourself, 1 as a gift (at no cost!) for your friend or a loved one.
3. Protect your plant collection. Plant collectors prefer to own at least 2 plants of the same species,
in case something happens to one, you still have another one!
4. Symmetrical planting - on both sides of a driveway, one pot on each side of the entrance, etc.
5. Get twice as much of flowers or fruit!
6. Cross-polination between the 2 plants will provide better fruit crop and seeds production

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