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Today's 10 coolest plants face-to-face

Collector's Spotlight

With TopTropicals huge availability of cool rare plants, sometimes it is hard to make a choice... Our customers often ask us to help them with selection. Today, we are introducing a new spotlight: Today's 10 coolest plants. These plants are specially selected by our horticulturists as winners: the most interesting, hard to find, much wanted, or simply looking awesome and in full bloom. As our thank-you to our returned customers and subscribers, they will come to your inbox with discount coupons for your WHOLE order!
Pick from Today's 10 coolest plants below and enjoy your savings!

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Photo of actual plants today, from top left:
10. Ficus natalensis variegata - Hearts in the Snow
9. Salvia leucantha - Mexican Bush Sage
8. Tecomaria Mango - Bright Orange Sunset
7. Cestrum nocturnum - Night blooming jasmine
6. Cymbopogon citratus - Lemon grass.

Photo of actual fruit trees for sale today, from left to right:
5. Avocado Day
4. Macadamia
3. Avocado Brogdon
2. Mango Fralan

1. Spondias purpurea - Jocote, Red Hog Plum



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