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Mid-Summer Sale

Beat the Summer Heat with Tropical Plants!

Mid-Summer sale at TopTropicals

Summer is the perfect time to bring the lush beauty of tropical plants into your home and garden. The high temperatures boost their growth, ensuring they thrive and flourish quickly. If you live in Florida or other areas with rainy summers, the natural rainfall will help your new plants establish even better. Plant now and give your tropical beauties the head start they need to be strong and vibrant before winter. Use discount code below to enjoy special savings on your next purchase. Let's make your garden a tropical paradise!


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We all know that live plant is a perfect gift. Everybody loves plants. And everybody loves gift cards - because they can buy exactly what they want with it! Besides, Top Tropicals Gift Card has no expiration date. You can use it any day of the year - in your convenience.

Today we have a fantastic offer for you! If you are making a birthday present and adding "Happy Birthday" in gift card Message, the value of this certificate will be 15% higher! For example, if you buy a $100 birthday gift card, the value will be $115.

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Secret Garden

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Secret Garden

Special Promotions for Fertilizer Add-ons

add-on fertilizer deals as low as $9, when you buy them along with the following plants:

Mango trees - Mango Tango Booster
All other fruit trees - C-Cibus Crop Booster
Desert roses - Megaflor Booster
All fragrant plants - Pikake Booster
Heliconias and Gingers - Robusta
Pineapples - Ananas Booster
All flowering vines - Megaflor Booster

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