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Welcome to Top Tropicals - the World's Leading Authority on Tropical Plants.
Top Tropicals is a New Generation of Tropical Plant Store. It is not an ordinary plant nursery; it is also information, photos, educational video and radio shows, plant books and magazines.
Our online store, certified to ship to all states, ships over 2000 items Nationwide and Worldwide!

We are offering most of flowering and fruiting tropical plants grown in cultivation, including exotic perfume plants and spices, featuring many varieties and cultivars (See full store directory)
Our searchable online Catalog containing today, , plants and photos, can help you to ID many unknown plants. For hard-to find species, you may use our wishlist to be notified when we have it.
Stay updated with TopTropicals Videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/TopTropicals and get our latest video news of what's fruiting and blooming.

You may visit our Garden Center or shop online.
For your shopping convenience in our Nursery: print this locations map with QR code to find plant and check price using your smart phone.

Top Tropicals LLC was established in January 2003, and very quickly has grown from a small private nursery into a large Garden Center and Shipping Facility offering many rare tropical species shipped Worldwide.
Today we are a great TEAM proudly working on growing and searching the World for rare, unusual, and useful plants.
Let us together make the World beautiful, one plant at a time!

TopTropicals.com team

Growing Dreams and Happiness: A Decade at Top Tropicals

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Top Tropicals website platform

Our website was originally created in late 90's, way before e-commerce, as a unique, free plant information source. It is virtually hand-crafted by a small crew of creative people - every page and every picture of it. It is written as open source html, with coding based on C++. We have our own TopTropicals platform and do not use any other e-commerce pre-canned platforms like Wordpress of Shopify.

Our website contains thousands of pages, many of them are static (not script-generated). It has its own advantages: pages open fast and are not loaded with dynamic advertising content. It has some disadvantages too: sometimes it's hard to find the page you are looking for. Hope this map is helpful.

Thank you for staying with us... for decades... since the first days of Internet :)