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Date: 20 Nov 2023, Entry id: 1700495462-1

Growing Dreams and Happiness:
A Decade at Top Tropicals

By Kristi VanBenschoten,
Top Tropicals Manager

Cat in the garden

"The purpose of agriculture is not the production of food,
but the perfection of human beings"

- Masanoby Fukuoka -

Working with Top Tropicals for the past decade, I frequently hear heartwarming comments from customers like, "Oh, wow, this place is breathtaking," "You must adore working here," "Isn't it marvelous to be in harmony with nature every day?"

The truth is, yes, all these sentiments hold true, and I genuinely cherish every single one of these comments; however... If you were to inquire about my most cherished aspect of working here, I would have to say that my absolute favorite part is when a husband calls and says:

"My wife and I embarked on a honeymoon five years ago, and we stumbled upon this exotic wonder called Helicona Lobster Claw. My wife was captivated by it. I would love to surprise her with one for our upcoming anniversary. Do you happen to have them?.."

Heliconia rostrata - Lobster Claw, Parrots beak

...Or when a bereaved wife sends an email, expressing:

"My beloved husband recently departed, and he held a deep affection for Gardenias. I wish to plant one in our front yard as a living tribute to his memory. Could you kindly recommend one?..."

Gardenia vietnamensis

Or, it could be the heartwarming scene of a new father visiting with his young son, exclaiming:

"I have a dream of creating a bountiful food forest for my children with fruit and other edibles. I want them to experience the enchantment of watching food grow and to impart the wisdom of cultivating it. Can you guide me in this endeavor?"

Or the passionate plant collector who has spent years on a quest to acquire that one elusive specimen, the final piece of their adored collection. We spare no effort in locating it, and when we succeed, it fills me with an indescribable joy!

You see, here at Top Tropicals, we don't merely sell plants; we trade in precious memories, lofty aspirations, and vivid visions for a brighter future. We deal in dreams. These dreams are nurtured in pots with a touch of fertile soil and an abundance of love. This is the essence of what makes Top Tropicals so special to me:

We Grow Happiness…

Happy people at TopTropicals Garden and nursery