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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 2 Dec 2021, Entry id: 1638435961-1

Attention California gardeners:
New additions to CA list

Photo above: Exotic Stags Horn Fern - Platycerium x Netherlands - that everyone wants to have in their tropical plant collection. We have large developed plants in stock.

More plants added to the list certified for shipping to California

Top Tropicals ships plants Nationwide and Worldwide. We are certified for shipping to all 50 states including California which has very strict agricultural regulations from the State.
Additional plant list certified for shipping to California has been approved, and you can check a few updates at the end of this email. As usual, some items are limited quantity while many people have been waiting for them to be approved for shipping. So hurry up, first come, first serve!

Remember to always pay attention if a plant is certified for CA shipment.
Please note that in addition to our company annual certification approved by USDA, we are sending a Phyto Certificate with every plant shipment!

Photo above: Xanthosoma albo-marginata - Mickey Mouse Taro - one of most unusual plants in cultivation, a show stopper! This plant is thought to be a mutation of a species or even a possible hybrid. The leaves are never identical most are streaked with large blotches of white on dark blue green leaves. Leaves will develop a small cup like pocket at the leaf tip, and grow horizontally. It is always a conversation piece in the garden.

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