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Date: 18 Apr 2024, Entry id: 1713422462-1

How to water a new Mango tree?

Mango tree in the ground with fruit

Q: I got a large mango tree from your garden center recently, planted in the ground, but noticed the corners of the leaves turning brown. It was full of little fruit when I planted it but now they are falling off... I wonder how much should I water the mango tree? We have lawn sprinkler system that runs daily, is this enough?

A: Generally speaking, never rely solely on your sprinkler system when planting a new tree, especially during the first week or even several weeks if you have no rain. By rain, we mean a nice downpour. Here in Florida, we usually have a hot and dry spring, and while springtime is great for starting new trees, additional hose-watering becomes essential for establishing them during the first months.

Dry leaves are a signal of under-watering. Make sure to hand water your mango tree every day for at least the first week after planting. Even if you have an individual sprinkler for the tree, ensure that the soil around the rootball receives enough water, not only around the trunk. Surprisingly, the bigger the tree, the more it may suffer from a lack of water, and sprinkler watering does not saturate the large root system, sometimes only reaching around the trunk. Big tree means lots of leaves and branches - they all get thirsty!

Mangos are pretty drought-tolerant trees, but only once established. They even benefit from hot, drier air (means less leaf fungus). However, young trees require regular irrigation until they start growing new leaves and branches.

Note that fertilizing your Mango tree is especially important during the spring and summer seasons - the period of active growth. This ensures that the tree takes the best advantage of nutrients with a faster metabolism encouraged by high temperatures. Give your tree a chance to build up lots of energy for the cooler winter as well as for the next flowering and crop season. To ensure a strong tree and reliable crop with no fruit drop, apply Sunshine Mango Tango liquid fertilizer with every watering and watch your mango tree become a Champ!

Sunshine Mango Tango liquid fertilizer with mango fruit