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02-01-23. 2023 Mango Selection is here! 10 secrets of growing a Mango tree.

Mango dog

NEW: 2023 Mango Selection is here
Rare varieties - limited quantities
10 secrets of growing a Mango tree

Photo above: Sunshine is a new member of our PeopleCats Team. Although she is not a cat, she is raised by our cats, and by her Mom named Mango! Visit our Garden Center and Farm to meet Mango, Sunshine and her siblings Lilo and Draco (more pics coming soon... of course).

2023 Mango Selection for early birds

Mango fruit on a tray with a cat

Rare varieties - limited quantities!

Attention mango collectors! We finally have some rare, much wanted mango varieties available in very limited quantities. These are young, fresh grafts in 3 gal pots, with well established root systems and many new leaves. Some varieties are bigger than others. We also have just a few 7 gal pots.

If size matters to you, contact us before ordering, and especially before shipping. We recommend picking up your plants from our Farm in Sebring or Garden Center in Ft Myers if you can, to avoid shipping stress.

If you have been looking for a specific variety, we recommend to order them ASAP before they all gone! If you are planning to make a trip to pick a specific variety with only a few plants showing in stock, please call us to ensure availability. They sell fast! 2023 mango supply will be very limited; grafts sell faster than we can graft...

See selected new varieties at the end of this email.

Mango trees in 3 gal pots

These are examples of our grafted mango trees in 3 gal pots. A few 7 gal size trees available. First come, first serve. Contact us to verify size and availability before ordering varieties showing limited quantities (1-3) in our store.

10 secrets of growing a Mango tree

Grow Your Own Food

Mango fruit with fertilizer Mango Tango Sunshine Boosters

How to grow a healthy and productive mango tree?

1. Right variety. Select a vigorous grower for in-ground planting, or a condo mango cultivar for growing in container. More info on varieties.
2. Soil must be well-drained. If planted in the ground, plant on a little elevation (see How to plant a tree)
3. Full sun is a must. The more sun, the more flower and fruit.
4. Water. Keep mango tree on a dry side, water young trees regularly but let top of the soil dry before next watering. Mango trees don't like wet feet.
5. Air circulation is important for mango tree to eliminate diseases. Allow enough space from other trees and buildings.
6. Fungicide. Mango leaves are very susceptible do fungal issues, especially in humid climates lik—É Florida. Spray fungicide (Copper or similar) according to the label, once a month.
7. Fertilize year around with every watering with liquid fertilizer Sunshine Boosters Mango Tango. Apply Micro-elements once a month and use other good supplements.
8. Shape. Check out Video: Tipping your mango tree - to shape the most vigorous and productive tree.
9. Protect from hard freeze. Mango tree doesn't take freezing temperatures well. In subtropical areas Mango can be protected. Alternatively, it can successfully produce in container, if moved indoors during cold weather.
10. Fruit. Mango tree produces thousands of little flowers, many of them can set fruit. Do not let a small, young tree to keep more than 1-2 fruit, remove extra, to avoid exhaustion. Allow 2-3 years for the tree to establish until it produces a full crop. Apply Sunshine Honey supplement to your tree for sweeter fruit.

Perfectly shaped mango tree

Tipping mango tree video

New varieties of mango
Limited quantities!

Mango tree Cac, Grafted (Mangifera indica)
3715 Mango tree Cac, Grafted (Mangifera indica)
Grown in
10"/3 gal pot


Buy Mango tree Cac, Grafted (Mangifera indica) from Top Tropicals

Mango tree Kent, Grafted (Mangifera indica)
3132 Mango tree Kent, Grafted (Mangifera indica)
Grown in
10"/3 gal pot


Buy Mango tree Kent, Grafted (Mangifera indica) from Top Tropicals

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