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TopTropicals Newsletter / 9 Nov 2019
Veterans Day Special. Saving Fallen Papaya. Cat of the Day. New arrivals.

Happy Veterans Day!

A hero is someone right who doesn't change.
- George Foreman -

Veterans Day Special

Celebrate our Veterans:

Treat them to a treat.
Get them a Special Gift Plant.
Recognize them.
Share their story.

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Saving Fallen Papaya Tree

Q: Hope there is help for my beautiful amazing papaya tree! There where a loooooooot of fruits on it, but it broked! First of all, it was leaning and friends tried to straight my beautiful tree😢😱😥 What can I do? Will it get fruits again?

A: Couple months ago we also had a Papaya tree loaded with fruit that fell down (see photos). It was heart-breaking. We secured it and it continued growing for a couple weeks but unfortunately, at the end the tree still died, leaving us million fruit. Papaya tree has a very sensitive root system and is hard to re-established once the roots are damaged.
However, if it just has a broken top, it has good chances to grow back from the side shoots.
Of course, remove all the fruit so they don't take energy from the recovering tree.
When a tree is loaded with fruit, it is important to provide support for heavy branches and for the trunk if needed. Always support the fruiting tree to prevent from possible falling BEFORE it starts leaning down and may become broken by even a light wind.
On the photo, you can see how we fixed boards around, but it was already after the tree fell. Unfortunately, it was too late and the roots got damaged. Always need to stake the tree up before the branches get too heavy!

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Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals

Gordon Freeman: the Veteran, son of the Veteran

Gordon Freeman is one of the oldest cats, a True Veteran, and a Son of the Veteran. He was born at our old location back in Punta Gorda on November 11, 2008, when our son Alex just came back from Iraq, where he was on a military mission. So Gordon adopted him! Along with Alex, Gordon Freeman is taking care of our Country security, and is an active supporter of our Troops. This Veterans Day, his daddy Alex is again on a mission overseas, protecting our Freedom. Gordon Freeman is waiting for him to come back soon.

Our prayers are with our Soldiers. Stay safe and sound, and get back home soon!

Happy Birthday, Gordon! Happy Veterans Day!

Check out Video: Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals and more Cat of the Day stories.

Gordon 2008

Gordon today

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Adenium Fuji Lava,   Grafted
6423 Adenium Fuji Lava, Grafted
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Plumeria Moung Nam Ngern, grafted
5755 Plumeria Moung Nam Ngern, grafted
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