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By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Pepper for Capricorn

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

Fixed Star - alpha Capricorn - double star 'Al Jadi' (Arabic "goatlet")
Planet-ruler of the house - Saturn

Talisman Plant - Black Pepper

Capricorn, by and large, loves only himself. By stubbornness, he will go around both the peace-loving stubborn Aries and the serene Taurus in his stubbornness. He's a complete selfish man. But decent and responsible. This applies both to interpersonal relations and to relations with plants. Let's say he doesn't like kids. But, if you instruct him to look after them while kid’s mother goes to the theater or for a party, you can have no doubt - the children will be looked after, fed, played, read with them and put to bed during.

With plants in the same way. He himself will not bring a flower to the house and will not plant anything in the garden, he simply does not need it. But if there are already plants at home, and he is entrusted with the care of them - there is no doubt: Capricorn will cope perfectly with the assigned business.

Nevertheless, Capricorn can’t live without plants either - do not forget that the Goat is the Goat, herbivore animal. He needs plants, although he does not always realize this. The main thing is to touch to his insensitive soul by those plants that will bring him joy and will not cause unnecessary trouble.

Plants that can really attract Capricorn's attention are slowly growing trees and bushes with a knotted trunk and small flowers. It is desirable that they grow up next to Capricorn House, and not inside it. Since Capricorn does not have a sharp sniff, he is not confused by plants that have an unpleasant smell. He might like poisonous or narcotic plants.

In general, Capricorn is a stagnant. To the new and unknown, he prefers the usual and familiar. Persuading him to try something new is almost impossible. Therefore, experiments with plants are not for him either. Traditional Capricorn appreciates a spice that is powerful but familiar. Black pepper and all Pipers adds flavor and a bit of heat to both his food and his life, creating movement without too much change.

Capricorn Zodiac Lucky Plants:

Piper nigrum (Black Pepper), Piper sarmentosum (Vietnamese Pepper), Piper auritum (Root Beer plant), Ficus pumila, Banesteriopsis caapi (Ayahuaska), Neea psychotrioides, Desert Rose (Adenium), Baobab, Palms, Gonatopus boivinii (Giraffe knee plant), Solanum macranthum (Giant Potato Tree), Jacaranda, Loquat, Rosemary, Brugmansia, Cidonia oblonga (Quince), StrophanthusAmorphophallusBrunfelsia,  Eugenia uniflora (Surinam Cherry).

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Eugenia uniflora (Surinam Cherry)

 Eugenia uniflora (Surinam Cherry)

Solanum macranthum (Giant Potato Tree)

Solanum macranthum (Giant Potato Tree)



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