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Date: 28 Dec 2023, Entry id: 1703768764-2

Cats in the Garden.
Cat Breed: The Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt on a cat tree

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Meet the cats around us - they're our friends, protectors, and magical mascots. They keep us healthy and can even save us in emergencies...
Winter brings a special time called the Solstice. It's when the earth pauses its yearly cycle and starts a new one. This magical moment marks the beginning of something enchanting...
Let's begin with the Norwegian Forest Cat. It's a mysterious and northern feline friend, also called Skogkatt. It's like the wildcats in Scandinavian fairy tales...

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt with flowers

Skogkatt's favorite flower

What's Skogkatt's favorite flower in their homeland? Viking Poms, small yellow daisies. But in more southern regions, Daisy Trees - Montanoa - serve as substitutes, reminding them of their distant Northern homeland.

Montanoa atriplicifolia - Tree Chrysanthemum, Tree Daisy

Montanoa atriplicifolia - Tree Chrysanthemum, Tree Daisy - one of the most impressive winter bloomers.

Montanoa atriplicifolia - Tree Chrysanthemum, Tree Daisy, flowers