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Date: 18 Aug 2023, Entry id: 1692359462-1

Does Size Matter?

TopTropicals plants vs other mail order plants

Cat shipping plants

Q: I purchased various plants via mail order (including a Coffee tree and some flowering vines) from companies *** and ***, but they did not survive, possibly due to their small size and the stress of shipping. Could you provide information about the size of your plants, their resilience to shipping stress and the time required for establishment?

A: Plants, as living beings, may experience stress during a few days of travel in a dark box. However, the critical factor influencing their survival is the plant's size. Most of our plants are grown in pots ranging from 1 to 3 gallons, have established root systems and developed branches. Some even feature flowers and fruit, although these may drop during transit. We've included images comparing our 1 gallon size plants with those from other mail-order firms we previously obtained for our own collection.

Understanding that post-shipping plant establishment is a gradual process is crucial. Yet, most plants handle shipping well and commence new growth within days to a couple of weeks post-arrival. Here are some success pointers:

1) Opt for a container matching the root ball size, avoiding excessive sizing until growth initiates.
2) Begin in a shaded area, progressively transitioning to brighter spots.
3) Apply Sunsine Epi spray to lessen stress and enhance vitality. 4) Initiate fertilization once the plant displays fresh growth.

For more information on how to establish mail order plants, simply download our Plant Care Guide.

Side-to-side pineapple plant from Top Tropicals

Side-to-side coffee tree from Top Tropicals

Side-to-side orchids from Top Tropicals