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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 1 Feb 2021, Entry id: 1612163162-1

The Secret of Longevity
finally revealed!

"...Time spent in the garden doesn't count against your lifespan..."

Want to live longer? Surround yourself with plants

If you want to live longer, live around green space. The Barcelona Institute for Global Health found that for every 10% increase in vegetation that's within 1,600 feet of your home, your probability of death drops by 4%.

Why gardening could help you live longer:

1. It gets you into Nature.
2. It's good exercise.
3. You'll eat what you grow.
4. It exercises your mind, while also relieving stress.

Gardening helps you live to 100

Many of the world's centenarians share one common hobby: gardening. Could you extend your life and drop your stress by taking up the pursuit, too? People living in these so-called "blue zones" have certain factors in common - with daily exercise habits and a plant-based diet, for starters. But they share another unexpected commonality. People are gardening well into old age - their 80s, 90s and beyond. Could nurturing your green thumb help you live to 100? Let nature nurture you!

The healthiest people in the world don't go to the gym.

Moving naturally throughout the day might sound pleasant and romantic, but the reality is that 100 years ago only 10% of us had sedentary jobs, whereas today it's 90%. However, there are still easy ways to add more movement into your busy lifestyle. The research also showed that walking even as little as two hours per week could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer, and help you live longer. What work out can be better than Gardening? Fresh air, lots of exercise, yet fun and rewarding!
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In the photo: The Father of American Tropical Fruit Horticulture Bill Whitman, age 92, is presenting his book Five decades with tropical fruit to Top Tropicals after giving a tour of his historical garden in Bal Harbor, Miami (2006)

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