Ctenanthe sp., Bamburanta, Never-Never Plant. Ctenanthe pilosa
Ctenanthe pilosa

Ctenanthe sp.

Bamburanta, Never-Never Plant
Family: Marantaceae
Origin: Brazil
USDA Zone: 9-12?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterOrnamental foliageSubtropical or temperate zone plant. Mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Ctenanthe is a genus of tropical plants native to tropical Brazil and related to Calathea and Maranta . It is primarily grown for its striking foliage This plant requires a well-drained soil and should be kept moist during the growing season. It thrives in high humidity and bright indirect light.

In colder climates, it is best grown in a house or greenhouse with a steady temperature and humidity. The foliage should be sprayed with water several times a day and given a liquid fertilizer in the spring. The soil should not be packed too hard and the plant should be divided as needed. This plant adds a lush, tropical feel to shaded patios or courtyards. It should not be overwatered, especially in the winter when water should only be given when the soil is somewhat dry.

Ctenanthe lubbersiana variegata has deep variegation, with branching bamboo-like stems and oblong green, veined leaves that are mottled with cream and gold. Plant in a well-drained soil and keep moist during the growing season.

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