SUNSHINE Honey 5 ml - plant/fruit sugar booster

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SUNSHINEâ„¢ Honey is a natural, Amber-colored, honey-like liquid microelement product for flowering, fruiting and edible plants. It makes fruit and edibles sweeter, tastier and more flavorful. It also promotes more efficient blossoming and pollination, makes flowers bigger and reduces bud drop.
Very effective for tropical fruit, tubers, vegetables. Great for tropical fruit trees: Mango, June Plum, Annonas, Tropical Cherries, Carambola, Citrus; subtropical fruit trees: Peaches, Apricots, Loquat and berry plants (blackberry, mulberry, etc.).
Mix 2.5 ml of SUNSHINE-Honey with 1 gal of distilled water. Convenient dropper bottle is also great for small applications: 1 ml = 30 drops. Spray foliage thoroughly and let excess amount drain into soil and root system. Apply up to 5 times a year (you may start any time of the year):
1) in Spring on new growth - solution may be diluted for tender foliage sensitive to Boron applications - 1 ml per 1 gal of water
2) in about 2 weeks after 2d treatment, during active growth, with regular solution concentration
3) at time of setting buds, approximately 2 weeks before flowering
4) 1-2 weeks after flowering
5) before dormancy (Fall - Early Winter).
Element content: Boron (B) 11.000% - water soluble, Molybdenum (Mo) 0.005% - water soluble.
See directions and more info about SUNSHINE-Honey.
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