2020 Tropical Plant Art Contest

Congratulations the winners!

"WOW! So many great works! Our followers certainly have a GREAT collective talent! Makes me so proud!" - Mark Hooten.

"All were amazing, such a fun competition!" - William Wiggins

Announcing the winners of the 2020 Top Tropicals Plant Art Contest! Thank you to all the amazing plant lovers who shared your artwork and talents with us. So much creativity and beauty for everyone to enjoy!

The jury has voted and the winners are listed below. With so many fabulous entries we expanded our winners to three entries. Thank you to all for brightening up our day with your art! Keep an eye on future newsletters for updates on more art contests coming soon, and our own art projects!

Art Jury: Onika Amell, Mark Hooten, Olena Light, Kristi V, Jamie M, Will W, Zachary D, T@TT
Jury voting points: 30 = 1st place, 20 = 2d place, 10 = 3d place
Additional votes provided by the audience / Facebook supporters.

Contest date: 11/1/2020

All winners will be contacted by us via email or Facebook within a few days for their prizes. If you haven't heard from us by 11/9/20, please contact us with subject "Tropical Plant Art Contest" and your shipping information!

1st place

The Winner gets free plant(s) of her choice, up to $100 value, shipped to her door!

"Butterfly" by Joan Maier

Jury points: 20+30+30+20=100. Facebook supporters: 64 reached, 5 likes

2nd place

The Winner gets a $50 Gift Certificate for shopping at Top Tropicals

"Coffee plantation" by Tony Campo

"...For the coffee lovers! This painting is inspired by a Coffee plantation in South America. I can't wait to transform my backyard into my very own coffee plantation with a little help from TopTropicals..."

Jury points: 30+30+10+30=100. Facebook supporters: 49 reached, 5 likes

3rd place

The Winner gets a $40 Gift Certificate for shopping at Top Tropicals

"Tropical Florida" by Linda Hedary

"...This painting is inspired by our beautiful Tropical Florida environment and the Top Tropicals catalog.
The painting includes: Mango, Plumeria, Bleeding Heart Flower, Monkeys Brush, Parrots Beak, Prince Kuhio vine, Mexican Flame Vine, Fragrant Snail VIne, Star Apple (purple fruit) and Possum Gold Star fruit..."

Jury points: 30+20=50. Facebook supporters: 3 likes

Audience Appreciation Prize:

The Winner gets a $30 Gift Certificate for shopping at Top Tropicals

"Mussaenda Marmelade" - Watercolor by Sally Gawler

Mussaenda Marmelade
Jury points: 30. Facebook supporters: 29 likes, 40 comments, 635 reached

Other participants

All other participants get a $20 Gift Certificate for shopping at Top Tropicals!


"Purple Passion" by Joan Maier

Jury points: 30+30=60. Facebook supporters: 63 reached, 8 likes

This painting is wonderful, however, it shows non-tropical flower (Lilac) hence can't get a nomination in Tropical Plant Art contest.

Jury comments by Mark Hooten: "...The 2 works by Joan Maier are both superb, exhibiting classic technical technique and application of artistic principles. Really wonderful! WhileIi appreciate the magnificent color interactions of the Butterfly painting, I think the purple lilacs is a work of genuine skill...could have been done by one of the great impressionists!.."

"Hibiscus Wish" by Santhoshi Kavali


Jury points: 10+10+20=40. Facebook supporters: 5 likes

"Angel Trumpets" by Tarina Frank

Brugmansia flowers

Jury points: 20+10=30. Facebook supporters: 59 reached, 5 likes


"Red Ginger" - Watercolor by Oma Trace

Red Ginger - Alpinia purpurata

Jury points: 10+10=20. Facebook supporters: 5 likes


"Top Tropi-skulls" by Christina Lauren

"...The fruits and flowers included from your catalog/website are cashew apple, monstera, plumeria, red custard apple, pineapple, ylang ylang, guava, loquat, mango, and banana..."
Jury points: 10. Facebook supporters: 18 likes, 4 comments

"Peaches and Flowers" by Denni Jones, 11x14 pastel

Prunus Persica
Jury points: 10. Facebook supporters: 92 likes, 4 comments

"Mamey Sapote" by Georgia Hardage 2020
Acrylic and Gold Leaf 18" x 22"

Mamey sapote

Jury points: 10. Facebook supporters: 50 reached, 3 likes

"Daisies" by Joan Maier

Facebook supporters: 62 reached, 7 likes


"Heliconia" by Amelia Grant

Heliconia rostrata
Facebook supporters: 119 reached, 6 likes


"Humming Bird"by Trina Webb

Facebook supporters: 61 reached, 5 likes


"Bird of Paradise" by John McCallen

Strelitzia reginae, Bird of Paradise
Facebook supporters: 60 reached, 3 likes


"Thai Constellation Monstera" by Audrey Ehlinger
acrylic paint on textured background

Monstera Thai Constellation
Facebook supporters: 3 likes


Sea Grape with colored pencils by Jan Heflin

Coccoloba uvifera - Sea Grape
Facebook supporters: 4 likes


"Plumerias" / acrylic by Birgitt Van Wormer

Late submission past voting


"Coconuts" by Cherie Blickenstaff
Liquid acrylic on watercolor paper

Cocos nucifera
Late submission past voting