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Date: 1 Sep 2023, Entry id: 1693566664-1

This Saturday, September 2nd: Garden Event

You are invited to Kristi's Birthday Bash and Plant Market at Top Tropicals

Kristi's Birthday Bash and Plant Market "Tropical Harvest"
September 2, 9 am - 4 pm

Join us in a celebration recognizing the central pillar of the great Top Tropicals temple - Kristi! We are excited to invite you to a special event, "Kristi's Birthday Bash and Plant Market", where we will be celebrating our beloved manager, Kristi, and showcasing a wide selection of tropical fruit trees and flowering plants.

This event will be an opportunity for you to explore our beautiful garden and discover a variety of plants for your own green oasis. We have lined up exclusive deals and sales on our exceptional plant collection, making it the perfect time to add some tropical flair to your home. Bring your friends and family, and immerse yourself in a day of gardening joy and community spirit!

Event agenda:

9 am - 4 pm: Plant Market. 30% OFF online prices. Raffle.
Gift bags - for first 25 customers with $50 order
Secret Garden: Super savings area 50% off
$2 and $5 sale racks: for local pick up only!

Event discounts valid at both locations:

Ft Myers Garden Center: 13890 Orange River, Ft Myers, FL
Sebring B-Farm: 9100 McRoy Rd, Sebring, FL

Facebook event page - Download invitation

Kristi's Birthday Bash and Plant Market at Top Tropicals