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Date: 1 Aug 2023, Entry id: 1690874762-1

Yuca root, Cassava, Manihot, Tapioca...
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Manihot esculenta, Yuca Root

Q: Can you recommend a pretty plant for my edible garden? Something that is not only useful but also very ornamental.

A: Introducing the fabulous and flamboyant star of the garden - Manihot esculenta, better known as the Yuca Root! This tropical root vegetable plant is the epitome of botanical fashion, showing off its cheerful and showy foliage like it's walking the runway of a tropical paradise...

The most stunning variety is Variegated Yuca root. You won't find this rare and remarkable variety of Yuca root just anywhere! It's like the unicorn of the edible plant world, combining practicality with pure visual delight. Not only can you feast on its starchy goodness, but you can also proudly display it as a stunning ornamental piece in your garden.

This tropical root vegetable knows how to put on a show, making its home as a shrub in subtropical zones across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Its roots and leaves are the real stars of the show, packed with all that starchy goodness. But hold on, there's a little twist to this drama! The root contains low levels of protein, while the green leaves are practically gym buffs with high protein levels.

Now, we must address the elephant in the botanical room - the mistaken identity crisis. Some folks confuse our lovely Yuca Root with Yucca, but let's clear things up: Yucca is a no-go in the culinary world. It's a non-edible plant from the Agave family, and you definitely don't want to cook that up for dinner!

So there you have it, folks! The Yuca Root, a true superstar of both the kitchen and the garden. Delicious, eye-catching, and ready to add a dash of tropical charm to your life. Get one for yourself, and let the good times yuca-roll!

Manihot esculenta, Yuca Root, tree