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Date: 29 Apr 2022, Entry id: 1651282562-1

Aphrodisiac Superherb: Turnera

4415 Turnera ulmifolia Sundrop - Yellow Buttercup

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

This plant has been a much wanted herb for the last decade due to its magic, special properties... The plant is Turnera, or Damiana, the newest superplant to attract attention among the wellness-minded set...
...It is one of the more notorious herbal aphrodisiacs and has the reputation of being a superlative sexual tonic. Turnera is a mood-elevating aromatic herb that helps calm anxiety and induce a relaxed state of mind... It lends a delightful energy and flavor to wines and sundry other erotic potions...

Turnera subulata Key West, White Buttercup