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Date: 11 Sep 2020, Entry id: 1599824162-1

The best Loquat varieties with big, sweet fruit

Q: I'm interested in loquat and read through the varieties you offer but wanted your recommendation. I'm looking for a variety that is big, sweet (not tart) with 1 seed. Of the varieties you offer... Which variety would you recommend?

A: From our experience, the most popular Loquat variety is Christmas. It is an early ripening type hence the name Christmas. Fruits are very large for a loquat, they are bright yellow with a tangy apricot flavor.
Another good variety we recommend is Yehuda - it has a large fruit and very small seed Also, variety Oliver for many years has been considered the best loquat for South Florida. The fruiting season is March to May. It has medium to large fruit. The fruit is very sweet with only one-two seeds.
Loquats are very cold hardy tropical fruit trees, easy to grow, drought tolerant, fast growing. Fruit is great for eating fresh or making jam.

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