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Date: 27 Jul 2023, Entry id: 1690493762-2

Top varieties of pineapples


Q: I want to grow my own pineapples, which varieties do you recommend for the best production? Do I need any special organic fertilizer?

A: Growing your own pineapple is pure bliss. Watching the transformation from a small crown into a luscious fruit is immensely rewarding. Every tropical gardener should experience the joy of growing this tropical gem and relishing its sun-kissed sweetness straight from the garden. Pineapples are easy to grow and can fruit in containers too, so if you live in a colder climate, no problem! They will take very little space in your greenhouse or sunroom. Just remember to feed your pineapple plants with Sunshine Boosters so they will feed you the biggest and the sweetest fruit! Sunshine Boosters are natural, organic-amino-acid based plant nutrients that are perfect for any edibles.
There are several varieties of pineapples in commercial cultivation. Below are the most interesting cultivars. Discover the pineapple paradise!

Elite Gold: Bursting with tropical flavor and vibrant gold flesh, Elite Gold dazzles with its unique taste and ornamental beauty.

Florida Special: Perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity, this variety thrives in warmer climates, gifting you a taste of Florida's sunshine.

Sugar Loaf: Irresistibly sweet with a hint of citrus, Sugar Loaf's compact size makes it an ideal choice for container gardening.

White Jade (Spineless Sweet): Exceptionally sweet and without spines, White Jade pampers you with a delectable, thorn-free harvest.

Lava Burst (Burgundy Variegated Rainbow): This visually stunning ornamental pineapple variety boasts striking burgundy and green leaves, resembling a rainbow of colors. Its fruit edible but small; its exceptional beauty adds a touch of exotic elegance to any garden or indoor space. Lava Burst is a delightful conversation starter and a captivating addition to your plant collection, making it a favorite among pineapple enthusiasts for its aesthetic appeal.

Embrace the sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of savoring homegrown, mouthwatering pineapples - nature's sweetest gift!

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