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Date: 3 Jun 2023, Entry id: 1685792762-2

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Cat Brothers

Two brother cats for Gemini Zodiac

Photo above: You've met before Georgie and Philemon but you probably didn't know they were brothers. Not twins, because they were from litters following each other, so Georgie is the older brother. But they both are very smart, maybe their mother taught them the same tricks.
Photo below: Wesley and Marco are actually real twins... but they are so different! Fat and skinny, lazy and crazy, quiet and loud, velvet and fluffy. But they are both very sweet and loving!

Gemini Cats and their Zodiac

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Today's story is about Gemini cats.
They are known for their exceptional communication skills. They are undoubtedly quite the chatty felines! With a diverse repertoire of meows, and it's up to us humans to decipher their messages. These cats possess remarkable intelligence, capable of uttering words like 'hello' and posing 'why?' questions, even when they are just kittens. If you happen to leave paint around, be prepared for Gemini cats to step in it and leave paw print messages around the house. It's their way of communicating in a feline code that may elude our comprehension.

Two gray brother cats for Gemini Zodiac