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The Milkweed and the Monarch, how to raise your own

Monarch butterfly

by Ed Jones, the Booster Guy

...How to attract butterflies in your garden? What plants do butterflies love? How to grow those plants when butterfly larvae keep eating them?...
Many gardeners ask these questions and butterfly attracting plants always have been very popular. But did you know that you could actually turn your garden into a little butterfly farm?...
Find out from Ed and Juvonda's butterfly mini-farm experience!

Monarch butterfly on the hand

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B with butterflies

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Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea.
The plant that saw paws of the newborn Great Sphinx...

Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea

Grow Your Own Food!

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...The plant I am going to tell you about is very ancient. It has been existed among people for more than 4800 years. Although there are much older plants that trace their history back to the age of dinosaurs, and exist today, perfectly adapted to modern conditions, this one is edible, tasty, and healthy. It still successfully feeds half of the world's population. Surprisingly, some people from the Western world haven't even heard about it...
...The earliest notion of Pigeon peas in Africa was found in Ancient Egypt with the presence of seeds in Egyptian tombs dating back to around 2,200 BC. Pigeon peas could be the food of the people who built the pyramids in Giza; it could be seen between paws of the newborn Great Sphinx... CONTINUE READING >>

Cajanus cajan - Pigeon Pea


What is your Zodiac Lucky plant?
Plant Horoscope - Cancer (06/22-07/22)

Cancer lucky plants

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...Despite the seemingly hard shell of Cancers, they are extremely tender and easily vulnerable... The full Moon can cause Cancer's unexpected whims and frequent insomnia... But some flowering plants can help them! It is very important for them to grow the so-called lunar flowers - white or light yellow, with a delicate aroma and soft leaves... Continue reading >>

Solandra maxima - Variegated Butter Cup


New video: the sweetest Night Blooming Jasmine

Grow your own food

Night blooming jasmine is a tropical garden favorite: the sweetest fragrance at night is intoxicating! It is one of the most famous and desirable fragrant plants. Flowers are pale yellow to white, open at night and stay extremely fragrant until sunrise. Aroma is sweet, pleasant and intoxicating. These flowers are widely used in India and other countries of South Asia for perfumery, medicinal applications and in religious ceremonies. Best location will be near driveway, window or entrance, where the magic fragrance can be appreciated.

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Night Blooming Jasmine


New video: Cheena
Jackfruit x Chempedak Natural Hybrid - Jackedak

YouTube video Cheena Jackedack

Jack-edak is a highly recommended variety grown in TopTropicals garden from a seedling of Cheena (Jackfruit x Chempedak) that fruited for us within 3 years from planting. The fruit (20-25" size) is probably the best we ever tasted! It is super sweet, crunchy and has a rich, pleasant, excellent flavor. It has very little latex which makes it easy to handle when cutting up. The tree produces at the very base of the trunk, so you can prune it as short as you want. Our tree survived light frosts as well as 48 hours of 3 ft flooding, with no damage! Cheena is a natural hybrid between Jackfruit and Chempedak. The tree has an open, low and spreading growth habit and can be maintained at a height and spread of 8 ft with annual pruning. Cheena is a consistent producer. The fruit are up to 25 lbs, long, narrow and uniform in size and shape. The skin is green, with blunt spines that yellow and open slightly upon maturity. Comes true from seed.

Cheena - Jackfruit x Chempedak Natural Hybrid - Jackedak

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Grow Your Own Food

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Garden Event cats

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Garden Event cats

New arrivals of Mango, Avocado and more

Mango varieties

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New arrivals of fruit trees!

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Sweet Potatoes - healthy food for every kitchen

Ipomoea batatas

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

"Oh my, what is this luxurious vine? These large, bright flowers! Looks like the Morning Glory and... is not like anything!"
"You want to know what this is? This is my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast - sweet, but healthy porridge, for lunch - a wonderful side dish, and at last this plant makes a wonderful dessert after dinner!"
I didn't expect sweet potatoes to be represented by such a beautiful plant! So my old good friend introduced me to this supposedly ordinary, but spectacular and useful edible plant. Yet it is very fast growing and easy! Here is the story...

Ipomoea batatas


Grow Your Own Food...
Affordable for everyone!

Grow your own food

Grow Food Not Lawns - this is the theme for our Garden party. But it's much more than that. It's a philosophy and a state of mind. One that more and more people are adopting as the world's food supply continues to dwindle and get more expensive...
Like all things plant and garden related, each of us can adopt this state of mind at whatever level we're capable of and comfortable with. Many of our customers just want to start small and see what it's all about. After all, the world of tropical plants can be more than just beautiful, it can be sustaining as well!

Growing your own food is more than just about price, it's also about quality, choices and availability. As you watch the choices, and quality of store bought food go down and prices continue to go up, maybe it's time to grow more of your own food?

Fun Facts

- A mature mango tree can produce 200 to 300 fruit per year
- A single avocado tree is capable of producing 500 avocados in one year
- A mature papaya plant can produce as many as 100 fruits per growing season
- One longevity spinach plant can provide you with a fresh supply of healthy spinach leaves all the time!

At Top Tropicals we offer a wide selection of fruit, including mango and avocado, and even spinach to get you started and to continue down the road on your own self sustaining journey. Even better, to help you with your food project, we have not only added to our varieties, but we have reduced prices on many items to make it even more affordable and enjoyable!

Who is cutting prices in today's world?! - We are, because...

...it's important that we do what we can to make it easier for our customers!

We have Avocados starting at only $49.95 and Mangos as low as $79.95, with dozens of varieties in stock! Use our discount coupons to save even more, and if you're local or in Fort Myers, stop by our Garden Center and save even more!

Mango fruit


Mango trees: how to deal with cold weather

Mango lights

By Ed Jones, the Mango guy

...Well, you did it didn’t you? You love fresh mangoes, don’t you? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick your own mango fresh off a tree in your back yard?
So you bought a mango tree hoping to do just that. You are in USDA growing zone 10 or 11 aren't you? If so, you should have no problems with weather extremes other than possibly an occasional frost in zone 10A. If you can cover your tree, you will not likely see any damage. But what if you are a little further north and you have decided to try your luck on the magnificent mango fruit tree? Mangoes are a tropical fruit tree best grown in tropical zones with temperatures that stay above 40F. If you are in zone 9A or 9B, you may still have luck growing a mango tree...