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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 29 Mar 2021, Entry id: 1617000062-1

How to get rid of bad luck:
The story of the Garlic Vine

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Are you a vampire? If not, then this is your Plant! Mansoa alliacea, or Garlic Vine, is a truly amazing plant. There are two special features that make it so unique...
...First, the flowers start off deep lavender with white throat and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age. Eventually fading to almost white, and you will see three different color of flowers at the same time on the plant. It's fantastic!...
...Secondly, the small of the leaves makes it a conversation piece: crushed leaves smell like garlic...
...The plant is said to help get rid of bad luck and is a favorite with hunters. Some Amazon natives offer their dogs a brew of this botanical to ensure success during the hunt. Up until now, most consider the plant to be magical or spiritual and they hang bunches of the leaves around their home for good luck or in order to drive away evil spirits...


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