Papaya Dwarf Waimanalo, Carica papaya (express shipping)

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Papaya Dwarf Waimanalo, Carica papaya (express shipping)

Small tree 10-20 ftFull sunModerate waterDry conditionsWhite/off-white flowersYellow/orange flowersEthnomedical plant.
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Dwarf Hawaiian Low Bearing Solo Papaya Waimanalo. Hearty dwarf papaya tree bears full size fruits. Low bearing tree makes harvesting easy. Grows wonderfully in Central Florida in both a container or in the ground. Will go from seed to fruit in just one year. Can produce for several years if protected from frosts. Waimanalo has yellow-orange flesh, bears low to the ground initially. It is larger than the popular Sunrise papaya, weighing 22-32 ounces, larger fruit than other Solo papayas, it is grown and marketed almost entirely on Oahu. This papaya was developed in 1960 and was publicly introduced in 1968. In temperate zones it can be cultivated in large pots and taken indoors during the winter. As the name suggests, it starts bearing when very short and continues for a good couple of years.
Papaya does not take shipping well, but recovers easily (do not overwater!).
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Grown in
10"/3 gal pot