Monstera pinnatipartita - Nido Nodo

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Monstera pinnatipartita - Nido Nodo

Large shrub 5-10 ft tallVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeRegular water

Rare collectible species from Columbia. It starts out with somewhat light green undivided leaves, then begins to split as the plant matures growing small splits along the leaf. Eventually, the plant will set up in a nook or a joint in a tree and begin growing as if nesting. This is where the plant becomes most interesting. The leaves become completely divided or pinnate.
The Monstera pinnatipartita is one such out-of-the-ordinary example. This evergreen climbs with epiphytic aerial roots and can grow up to 2 feet a year if growing conditions are optimal. Despite their show-stopping appearance, these plants are surprisingly easy-to-care-for.
While mature plants certainly have the wow factor, the smaller foliage on juvenile plants is solid rather than fenestrated. You'll need patience for the payoff if you buy this baby.
See Article about Philodendrons.

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Robusta - Rapid Growth Booster
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