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Enchanted flower… One of the most desirable flowering trees is Champaca — Joy Perfume Tree, its sweet flowers were used in creating the most expensive perfume of the world, Joy. You can't stop sticking your nose into the flower again and again — it smells absolutely heavenly!

One of the most popular plants in Southern landscapes as well as for greenhouse or sun-room collection. Very fast growing, Banana is both great ornamental plant and producer of the fruit loved by everyone, from kids to adults. Try exotic varieties of:

Great fruit tree for beginners that will tolerate neglect and still produce tasty juicy fruit resembling apricot. Eaten fresh, made into jams, wines and liqueurs, even baked in pies. The tree is pretty cold hardy and drought tolerant. Plant it where nothing else will grow... and it will make it for you! Grafted varieties have superior fruit quality. Most popular varities: Champagne, Eds Delight, Gold Nugget, Italy.

Experience exotic fruit beyond the fruit market! This one is no doubt the biggest of them all, and the biggest in he World! Surprisingly these trees are not too sensitive and can produce successfully in subtropical climate with limited cold protection. Both grafted trees or seedlings (which are usually true to seed) start producing at early age. Most popular varities: Black Gold, Borneo Red, Mai-1, NS-1.

Another perfume tree, this one is responsible for creating Chanel #5 perfume. Besides the classic tree, there are many close related species with similar fragrance, shrubs and vines, some flowers smelling like melon or lemon candy.

Slow growing, compact tree with sweet delicious fruit tasting like brown sugar. Not fussy about soils and simply easy. Great for containers thanks for its slow growth rate. Everybody wants to have one! Most popular varieties: Hasya, Makok, Oxkutzcab, Silas Woods (Dwarf, non-stop producer).

Several valuable South American fruit trees, some of them not even related, are combined under name Sapote, which means "sweet fruit". You can't beat soft sweetness! Most popular varieties: Red/Yellow Sapote, Black Sapote, White Sapote.

Sweet, juicy and fragrant flesh... Some people say this fruit smells like rose water. No doubt you tasted it in Asian restaurants, however those fruit from can have only a hint of a taste of the real one. Try your own fresh fruit, you simply can't stop eating it! Most popular varieties: Empreror (Dwarf), Hak Ip, Sweetheart (large fruit, small seed), Late Season (Heavy producer), Mauritus.

Longans are closely related to Lychees.

These unique delicious fruits can only be tasted from a grower's garden due to their soft nature. They can not be offered commercially from supermarkets due to transportation challenge. Great container fruit trees due to their compact nature: Sugar Apple, Guanabana, Atemoya, Custard Apple.

This one is one of the most popular flowering trees in the South. Fast growing and free-flowering. Spectacular long-lasting flowers, yellow or pink, presented by many types of cassias (sennas), from small shrubs to significant shade trees.

Add both color and fragrance to your Southern garden or indoor collection. They will tolerate lower light, too! They are so easy to grow and simply always happy. Try a rewarding clerodendrum as your first plant, and watch your thumb turning green on it!

A symbol of Hawaiian Paradise, Plumeria perfume and beauty can be brought into every home. It is very easy to grow, both in your garden or in a pot. Fantastic "rainbow" varieties available with multicolored flowers. Dwarf varieties (Plumeria obtusa): White, Yellow, Pink. They can be trimmed to stay only 2-4 ft short!

The biggest collection of jasmines in the world. We have them all. They talk for themselves.

Want an easy plant that will thrive in neglect and yet brightens your day with beautiful flowers? We have amazing selection of desert roses — all colors of flowers you imagine or can't imagine, plus they have a showy caudex. Some varieties even have fragrance! Check out our large collection of new hybrids: Adenium Plants and Seeds

All-time favorite, scented gardenia is a must for every fragrant garden. Great container plant, compact grower, this plant can flower several times throughout warm season. Check out over 50 varieties and forms! Special rare collectibles include:

A powerful seducer! Many people consider Mango to be the best tasting fruit in the world. Try any (or all!) of our 100+ varieties. They all are fiberless, sweet and super juicy. You can't buy these from supermarket — simply because they are so mouth-melting and don't ship well!

Condo (dwarf and for containers): Carrie, Cogshell, Ice Cream, Julie, Mallika, Nam Doc Mai.

Vigorous favorites: Bailey's Marvel, East Indian, Glenn, Haden, Jakarta, Phillipine, Southern Blush, Valencia Pride.

Exotic collectibles:

  • Alampur Baneshan — the finest dessert mango, very large fruit
  • Alphonso — the finest Indian sweet dessert mango with hint of citrus
  • Cat Hoa Loc — sweet and fiberless, oval yellow, with very thin seed
  • Choc Anon Miracle) — Thai mango, producing two crops annually
  • Maha Chinook — in Singapore considered the best tasting
  • Pim Seng Mun — eaten green to enjoy its unique apple-like qualities

Grow your own Guacamole!

If you own an avocado tree, you are for sure a tropical fruit grower! Highly nutritious fruit and ornamental statue, what can be more rewarding.

Most popular: Florida Hass (Haas), Brogdon, Simmonds, Winter Mexican.

Cold hardy can survive short periods mid lower 20°s F without significant damage: Brazos Belle, Fantastic, Joey, Lila, Poncho.

Dwarf varieties are popular exotic house plants, valued for beautiful shape and foliage, besides they easily fruit in container: Fuerte, Wurtz.

Asian New Year started! Year of Down to Earth Dog...

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, started on February 16, 2018. It is the Year of the Yellow Dog, or the Earth Dog.

According to Chinese horoscope, in 2018, the corresponding element is Earth. Earth is also associated with the color yellow. The Year of the Earth Dog is therefore also known as the Year of the Yellow Dog. So what happens when you mix the Dog with the Earth Element?
The Dog is sincere, independent, and clever. Like man's best friend, they are extremely loyal and devoted and you can always count on them to stick by your side.
The Earth element, by its very nature, denotes origins and growth and is associated with practicality, harmony and hard work. The Earth seeks to nurture and be nurtured, it anchors you and provides stability.
A loyal and hard working Dog combined with the steady and sensible characteristics of Earth, heralds a secure, rewarding and profitable year. A year of blossoming, to achieve things, and to thrive. An Earth Dog combines the integrity and diligence of the dog with a very down-to-earth climate, perfect for longstanding projects requiring persistence and grit. Real estate is high in the agenda in the year of the Yellow Dog, whether you are contemplating any investments or purchasing a home, everything should align well for you this year.
The Year of the Dog follows an energetic and chaotic Year of the Rooster... An Earth Dog Year will welcome some much needed sense of harmony, peace and goodwill, a year of unity and understanding that will reward all of us for our hard work and diligence!
Lucky colors for 2018 are colors that symbolize the element Wood (green) and the element Water (blue). Just keep your plants green, and get some blue flowers!

For more information on Plant Astrology, see Plant Horoscope.
Mango & Avocado prices going up on March 1.

Special heads up on price increase soon - take advantage of the lower prices NOW!
We value our loyal customer business and working hard on keeping the best quality plants at the affordable price for you. This year Florida growers' costs for fruit trees, especially Mango and Avocado jumped up. Two main reasons caused the cost increase.
First is a devastating hurricane Irma that affected every household and every business in our state. Many growers lost their stock plants (especially water-sensitive Avocado trees suffered from flood), as well as graft starters. Supply is very limited!
Second, cost of growing supplies and services for agriculture went up as well.

Today we are still selling mango, avocado and other fruit trees at the old, low price, however starting March 1, 2018 these prices will go up. We appreciate your understanding and continue working hard on providing for our customers with high quality plants and the best selection around.

To place an order and pick the most wanted varieties on first come first serve basis - call Anna Banana at James Coconuts Desk 239-771-8081 and she will help to chose the best plants specially for you!

Still cold in your area? Take advantage of this low price offer NOW and we can ship your order weather permitting.

See below selected superior varieties, and don't forget your 10% OFF discount plus additional 5% OFF on all orders over $100! Check all that currently available in stock at low price:
Mango - Avocado - ALL Fruit Trees
Sunshine tip of the Day:
Keep your Valentine's day Roses alive by adding a few drops of Sunshine Booster to the water.
Cut flowers will live longer.
Our sunshine will help your flowers to brighten up your living room!
From Anna Banana & James Coconuts booster
u0421all James Coconuts Desk 239-771-8081 to rush your order!

Happiness Discounts for Presents of Love:

15VAL2018: 15% off orders over $100

20VAL2018: 20% off orders over $200.

25VAL2018: 25% off orders over $300.

Plus, our usual 5% discount on top of that! Excluding S&H. Not valid for previously ordered items.

20% off Gift Certificates! If weather in your area is not permitting yet for tropical plants, you can buy a Gift Certificate - for your beloved one, or for beloved Yourself! Save now and use it for ordering plants when it gets warmer. When ordering a Gift Certificate, you will receive 20% more value of the paid amount (for example, if you buy $100 certificate, you will receive one of $120 value).
These offers are valid through end of Valentines Day - Wednesday, February 14, 2018.
Don't just wear green, live green!
St Pattys Spring Celebration March 17th!
- Wear green and receive 25% off your purchase
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- Go green plant discussion: EAT green (moringa, longevity spinach, hibiscus, hummingbird tree, katuk, ect.), BREATHE green (air purifying plants: aloe, snake plant, spider plant, philodendron, coconut palms, dracaena), PLANT green (sustainable planting, green living space, evergreen fragrance, etc.)
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