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New location in Punta Gorda, FL - our future Botanical Garden!


  1. Start - September 2005
  2. What will Top Tropicals Botanical Garden be?
  3. Development first steps: welcome to TopTropicals Excavation, Plumbing and Electric
  4. Botanical Garden Development: Tropical Boonies. August 2006
  5. Botanical Garden Development: Tropical Boonies. September 2006
  6. Do-It-Yourself Botanical Garden

In 2004, we were celebrating Grand Opening of our New Location of Top Tropicals Botanical Center on Orange Dr., Davie, FL. During the 2 years we have expanded greatly, brought many new exciting species from Thailand... Our plant sales doubled and tripled... So we needed more room and a bigger facility! (Probably every gardener is familiar with this problem of lack of room when all the space for planting is gone in no time...)

We bought beautiful 20 acres on West Coast of Florida, 20 miles East from Punta Gorda.

Originally it was just a piece of land (wet in summer rainy season... well, let's face it - it's an Alligator Swamp!), but we are developing it into a Botanical Garden.

Below are a few pictures we took at our new land. Let's watch the transformations!

September 2005

Planting our First Tree - Cananga Odorata



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