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Ethnomedical plants from Rose Garden:

Dried mature unripe fruit are carminative, stomachic, antidiarrheal, oxytocic.

Piper retrofractum - Long Pepper
Piper retrofractum - Long Pepper
Piper retrofractum - Long Pepper
Vatica diospyroides
Resk Puteh Keruing
Flower: strong fragrance. Used as cardiac tonic.


Nyctanthes arbor-tristis.
Stem is used for relief of headache, leaf - cholecystagogue, flower - antipyretic, treatment of faintness and vertigo
Citrus hystrix.
Fruit juice - antiscurvy, expectorant. External use as antidandruff. Fruit peel - relief of stomach pain, carminative.


Ixora ebractata
White Ixora
Black Chickens Bone
Root: diuretic, remedy for fever and diarrhea


Pandanus odoratissimus
Root: antipyretic, expectorant, diuretic. Male inflorescence: cardiotonic.


Common name: Ma-tad

Millingtonia hortensis
Dried flower - bronchodilator, root - lung tonic.
Melodorum fruticosum
Dried flower: tonic, mild cardiac stimulant, hematinic


Barleria lupulina

Fresh leaf: anti-inflammatory for insect bites

Solanum torrum
Devil's Fig



Piper betle

Fresh leaf: antiflatulent, tropical use for urticaria

Long Pepper (Piper longum, Piper retrofractum)

Dried mature unripe fruit: carminative, elemental tonic


Basella rubra
Ceylon Spinach
Basella rubra
Ceylon Spinach


Whole plant is used as a mind sedative

Basella rubra
Ceylon Spinach
Basella rubra
Ceylon Spinach
Basella rubra
Ceylon Spinach
Sandoricum koetjape
Yellow Santol


Croton tiglium
Croton Oil Plant
Tectona grandis
Leaf: diuretic, relief of edema, antipyretic. Leaf: carminative, antidiabetic, treatment for urinary disorder


Stem: antipyretic, diaphoretic, stomachic

Antipyretic, remedy for mumps


Gustavia gracillima
Heaven Lotus


Rhinacanthus nasutus
Leaf and root: anifungal


Fresh leaf: externally use to relief jelly-fish poisoning

Houttuynia cordata

Leaf: Treatment of vineral diseases, external use for skin diseases. Whole plant: diuretic, genito-urinary antiseptic

Alstonia macrophylla

Stem, bark: tonic, aphrodisiac


Root: relief of swelling, remedy for eye disease, expectorant

Ixora lobbii 'King & Gamble"
Glossy Pink Ixora
Ixora lobbii 'King & Gamble"
Glossy Pink Ixora


Mesua ferrea
Dried flower: astringent stomachic, carminative, cardiotonic, blood tonic. Leaf: external use for wound healing

Piper nigrum

Dried ripe fruit: antiflatulent, stomachic, appetizer, diaphoretic, diuretic, nerve stimulant


Glycosmis pentaphylla

Stem bark: treatment of abscess, lactogen


Leaf and fruit: emmenagogue, cough remedy

Rhizome: oxitocic, emmenagogue, diuretic, treatment for leukorrhea


Piper sarmentosum

Flowers from Coccinia grandis

Plantago major
Common Plantago

Whole plant: diuretic, treatment for sore throat, external use to relief dermatisis, insect bite, allergy

Whole plant: expectorant
Leave: carminative


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