TopTropicals in Thailand

The City and the Country

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TopTropicals never stops working - neither at the airport...

...or in a hotel room

  • Full country name: Kingdom of Thailand
  • Area: 517,000 sq km
  • Population: 62 million
  • Capital City: Bangkok
  • People: 75% Thai, 11% Chinese, 3.5% Malay; also Mon, Khmer, Phuan and Karen minorities
  • Language: Thai
  • Religion: 95% Buddhism, 4% Muslim
  • Government: constitutional monarchy
  • Head of State: King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

Thai life is different from our crazy American style.
It's a Magic Asian Spirit!

Our trip was for business and since we were desperately interested in new plants, of course we didn't have much time for regular tourist activities and sight-seeing. We were rushing from one nursery to another, between markets and botanical gardens...

Below are just a few photos of Bangkok and a countryside around.

Our hotel room with 2 computers: we make sure all questions are answered and all orders shipped in time!

We came to see plants. They were first thing we looked at!
Thailand climate is true tropical to subtropical (North Thailand). Hot humid summer and mild winter between 70-85F. What a Hawaii!

Plants grow just everywhere in Thailand. Only large trees are in ground, and all smaller plants - shrubs, vines - are grown it pots right on a busy street. Lots of wrightia religiosa in front of every shop - its fragrance embraces the street for many yards away. Despite of air pollution (or due to microelements from it?) the plants all look meaty and healthy. Seems like no one is watering them though... But air humidity is pretty high.

Urechites lutea is a very popular arbor vine

Plants are just everywhere - where it is possible or not.
These adeniums stored right on the street... And nobody steals them!


Plumeria obtusa can become a large tree... if it grows in Thailand!
Yes, this is famous Cananga fruticosa - as a common hedge here!


We were amazed by the giant Artabotrys the very first morning by our hotel wall...
Funny thing, some of our weeds are grown here as ornamentals... This is Dollar Weed.


Our Transportation Boss and City Guide Alex. He's just great! Speaks English, knows all places (for all tastes), is very reliable. Reasonable price of services. We can give his number to those who plan a trip to Bangkok.

Alex has 2 regular taxi cars and a Tuk-Tuk.

This is Tuk-Tuk

The "Tuk-Tuk" is a small car with three wheels. The engine is a two strokes engine. These cars are really a tourist attraction. Before sitting inside, you should negotiate the price. However, you don't want to use it for long distance trips because of the quality of the city air - drivers wear breath protection masks. Air pollution is a big problem in Bangkok, this is why you won't see much of a blue sky in the city photos: the smog does it's job.

Looks like many people just LIVE on the streets: sell food and flowers, make shoes and clothes...

The famous Jasmine Sambac Flower leis! Read more about Sambac and its history.



Thai inhabitants...

After rain - in a raincoat
Cat's life is the same everywhere
Barbecue tray is empty and useful


We loved those trash cans!

Here comes the REAL ASIAN DELI! (Don't ask if we tasted...)

...not sure, something with onions...

...the combo tray...
...Roasted cockroaches...


...Juicy caterpillars...
...Sweet grasshoppers...
...Honey beetles...


...dried geckos...
...Tasty grubs...
...Desert worms...


...and pink eggs!

We though our American friends would be interested in what kind of food we actually ate, not just seen...
In a seafood restaurant of course you may chose a fresh live specimen!

These guys are age of Dinosaurs...


They are tied so they don't run away
Real Blue
It was much more than that, but we were too full to take pictures. Especially good are Thai soups!

A little of a countryside


Rice field
Thai house

Thai temples differ from size of a toy house (those you can see by almost every house) to huge elegant castles. But they are all so beautiful!








Inside the Temple


Buddhist Monks buying plants on a plant market
We liked their orange outfit! (Sun color? Buddha color?)
Buddhist Monk is doing his laundry in a Monastery backyard


Another Monk is shopping around with all his stuff in a backpack
Buddha symbols are in every store... all sizes and kinds

A bit of culture...

Thai musicians
Wedding ceremony



Thai boxing

...almost no rules, use your hands, feet, and head...
...and stick...
...a woman defense... She did win!

City buildings

Ancient Fort
Grand Palace of... probably, the Prince
(Thailand is a Kingdom)
The Prince (on the photo pedestal) is represented in everyday life by many images on every street. Russian Lenin didn't look that fancy though. Sure the Thai love their king!

Our last night before the flight back...

On the left - artabotrys hedge


Thai Ministry of Military
They say it still has an Elephant department


We didn't notice when took this last picture that there was a guy riding a small elephant (on the right)