TopTropicals in Thailand

Samphran Elephant Grounds and Zoo

Samphran Elephant Grounds and Zoo is set within landscaped gardens and ponds on the outskirts of Bangkok, and is the best place in Thailand to see elephants in action. The highlight of the place is elephant shows featuring everything from the re-enactment of an 18th-century Thai battle with soldiers (dressed in beautiful costumes) and armored elephants to circus-style antics, elephant round-up from jungles, training of baby elephant, elephant at work, elephant racing and elephant-polo matches. The Elephant Show is a nice piece of theatre with the elephants as the star performers, culminating in a battle scene, complete with fire balls exploding from the model battlements at one end of the arena. It’s also a chance to see the big friendly animals play a bit of soccer, scoring goals past a human defender.