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Euphorbia Milii - Crown of Thorns

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Euphorbias are very easy to grow. It's hard to imagine another plant that can thrive in neglect as much as this one, just provide a bright light for it and very little water. And yet it is ever-blooming, brightening up your life with various colors.

The most common colors of flowers are red and yellow, dwarf forms are popular. But not everybody knows about exotic varieties with variegated and multi-colored flowers as well as florescent colors (yellow-green, bright orange, pink, etc.). These spectacular varieties are represented in Thailand in very wide selection.

Euphobia millii was grown in Thailand for very long time. It believed that first plant was brought to Thailand by Chinese who immigrates to Thailand. The Thai name of Euphobia millii is developed form Chinese words of "PoySean". "Poy" means 8 and Sean means saint. Chinese grow E. millii as plant of fortune, they believe that when the plant produces 8 flower in an inflorescence, they will be lucky. The big flower hybrid of Euphobia millii first occured in Thailand in around 1990.The newer hybrid always had bigger flower and bizarre color. A single complete collection of cultivars wouldn't exist because too many hybrids were produced in past decade.

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Chiang Mai EUMB10
Euphorbia Millii 'Banlang ghern'
Yellow flower EUMB03-NC


Euphorbia Millii '9 Million'
Red big flower EUMB20-SSL


Euphorbia Millii 'Salmon'
Orange-Green Flower EUMB09-RJS


Kru rapkaerang


Euphorbia Millii 'Siam Ruby'
Red-Green flower EUMB14-SJS


Forever Green EUMB04



Euphorbia Millii 'Millionnaire'
Red-Green flower EUMB17-SSP


Rat sameemuang
Charoen roongroeng

Hybrids available for sale:

Euphorbia millii Thai / EUMN 03 Yellow-Green Flower
Euphorbia millii Thai / Choke Sathaporn - Pink Flower
Euphorbia millii Thai / EUMN 04 Siam Ruby - Pink Flower
Euphorbia millii Thai / EUMB 03 - Yellow Flower
Euphorbia millii Thai / Yok Meang Rad - Green Flower
Euphorbia millii Thai / Maho Hung
Euphorbia millii Thai / EMB12
Euphorbia millii Thai / Choke Sathaporn
Euphorbia millii Thai / EUM09
Euphorbia millii Thai / EMB015
Euphorbia millii Thai / EMB08
Euphorbia millii Thai / EMB05
Euphorbia millii Thai / EUB03