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Fragrance is sweet, fruit is a poison

Can be grown as a small bonsai
from the seed


Beautiful small tree


Fragrance is outstanding!
Better than any jasmine ever.

Strophanthus gratus
Strong rose scent!


Soft sweet fragrance, large 2" flowers


A brother of a famous Artabotrys Hexapetallus

Strong lemon-like scent


Growth habit - climber

It attaches itself by means of these impressive hooks




Micky Mouse plant - new variety

This wrightia grows as a small dwarf shrub, with tiny leaves and highly (havily) perfumed flowers. Everblooming.



Great for bonsai


This species is not fragrant,
but flower is an amazing starfish!

In nature is a small shrub


This is a new plant for us. The fragrance is very strong and pleasant, you can't stop sticking your nose in the flower!



Tetracera sp. with bees


This fragrant shrub is very remarkable. Bees love the honey flowers, there are thousands of them around it! Fine sweet frangance.

Butea - Flame of the forest.
(No flame today)


New dwarf plumeria just hybridized!
Very fragrant, disease resistant.


Very fragrant flowers,
soft warm fragrance

Desmos chinensis in habitat


Citharexylum spinosum - a small tree or shrub with very fragrant hanging flowers, great butterfly and bee attractor

Very fragrant unusual green flowers


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