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Date: 14 Feb 2024, Entry id: 1707895263-1

Ixora odorata - exclusive flower with fine perfume

Ixora odorata flowers

Q: I see you have a very special plant - Ixora odorata with fragrant flowers, I've heard that the fragrance is heavenly. Is it easy to grow? Can I plant it as a hedge, like a regular ixora bush?

A: Indeed, Ixora odorata is quite special. It's a must-have for any tropical plant enthusiast, often likened to esteemed fragrance collectibles like Ylang Ylang or the Joy Perfume Tree. While it shares the genus with the common Southern landscape plant, Ixora, cultivating Ixora odorata requires some special attention. We wouldn't recommend using this rare exotic as a hedge; it's best suited as a centerpiece or specimen in your garden. The effort is certainly rewarded, as the sweet fragrance of its flowers is truly remarkable, reminiscent of Jasmines. Here are some tips for growing Ixora odorata:

1. Temperature. Ixora odorata is sensitive to cold and can't withstand even light frost. Protect it by growing it in a container that can easily be brought indoors during cold weather.
2. Soil. Like all ixoras, Ixora odorata prefers acidic soil. This is easily achieved since it's typically grown in a pot. High-quality potting soil, such as Sunshine Abundance, tends to have a lower pH (acidic), has low pH (acidic).
3. Light. Unlike most ixoras, Ixora odorata prefers shade to filtered sunlight, unlike most ixoras that are full sun plants.
4. Water. Ixora odorata prefers drier conditions during winter, so reduce watering in the winter months. In summer, regular watering is necessary, as it won't tolerate drying out.
5. Insect control. Ixora odorata can be susceptible to insects during winter. Keep an eye out for mealybugs during winter. Monitor the leaves, especially underneath.
5. Prune after flowering.
6. Fertilizer. Feed Ixora odorata with Sunshine Boosters Megaflor for most profule flowering and healthy waxy leaves.

Ixora odorata blooms in winter, making it a delightful addition to your home during the colder months. What can be better having this perfume factory! It's a true gem that's worth the extra care and attention - it deserves to be pampered!

Ixora odorata flowers

We bring our Ixora odorata indoors during winter. It is happy to sit in a large bathtub with a skylight above it. It flowers all winter long, filling the air with light perfume not only in the bathroom and bedroom, but in the whole house. And of course, cats love it too!