Winter Adventure of Lisa the Cat

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Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa on the table

After publishing the story about Skogkatts - Norwegian Forest Cats, we received inquiries about Lisa, if she is available for adoption? Luckily, Lisa now has her wonderful sweet home in Sweden, so unfortunately for those who fell in love with her, she is not adoptable. But Lisa's life story wasn't all that sweet and simple! Rather thrilling and adventurous. So we decided to share her story with you...

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Lisa, who illustrated the story about Skogkatts - Norwegian Forest Cat Breed, lives with my daughter Vanda, along with her family: husband Vitaly and two children - Max and Maria. They live in Sweden. Lisa is 13 years old now. About 10 years ago, Lisa had a heartbreaking adventure almost ended with a tragedy... But luckily, she made it through. However, since then, she can't jump high and doesn't walk very well - she sways and limps... And here's what happened.

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa in the kitchen

The family lived in their first apartment back then, by a busy highway. Lisa, the fluffy wanderer - Skogkatta, a true Viking's daughter - loved to explore the surroundings. The safe backyard wasn't enough for her, she always tried to sneak out!

One of those days, she sneaked out and didn't come back. The whole family searched for this runaway, posted fliers all over the internet, nearby posts and trees, they even made a radio announcement... No sign of the cat! Kids cried, ran through the yards, calling and searching, but all was in vain...

Time passed. Everyone gave up searching. No more Lisa. Vanda had put away the food and bowls... And then one morning, they got a call.

An elderly lady said, "Is your Norwegian cat missing? I think she's with me. Come over."
They went... they ran! It was Lisa, indeed! But sadly, in very poor condition. It turned out, this wanderer ran across the highway, got scared and darted through the yards until she ran out of strength... And all this happened in winter, a harsh, freezing, snowy Swedish winter. The girl climbed into a snowdrift and stayed there - her strength ran out.

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa in the snow

How long she spent in that snowdrift is unknown. A neighbor of the calling lady found her. He assumed it was the lady's cat because lady had two Norwegian cats, and he brought her home. Lisa had no collar; it was lost in her adventure. These kind people took her to the vet. The vet diagnosed hypothermia, and, most importantly, dehydration. They took care of the runaway right away, but the vet said the central nervous system was affected... But then - ta-da! - the vet scanned the microchip and found out the owners!

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa in the snow

They all hugged the lady and her neighbor, and later brought a bunch of gifts, flowers, and reimbursed all the treatment expenses.

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa with girl Maria

Lisa finally came home. It took her a long time to recover and afer a while she came almost to normal. And what do you think? She hasn't learned her lesson and continued begging to get outside!

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa in the grass

At that point the family moved downtown near the town hall - one of the most iconic places in Stockholm, where, among other things, ceremonies for the Nobel Prize are held. The house was on a quiet street, near a shady park, and in the depths of it was the building of the central police headquarters of Stockholm. And Lisa became famous there. As Vanda says, Lisa is a repeat offender, with 10 visits to the police station!

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa in the yard

Later, the family moved to suburbs, and Lisa now has her own personal yard. But she stopped browsing the neighborhood; she walks in a somewhat slow, peculiar way now - age is taking its toll. She goes out on the deck, counts the birds, and then comes home. She lies down in front of the fireplace: to cuddle and purr on Mom's lap. Stay home Lisa, stay happy and make us happy - it's called Home Sweet Home for reason!

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa ion the couch with girl

Norwegian Forest Cat - Skogkatt Lisa iin the balcony