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Date: 16 Jun 2023, Entry id: 1686896464-1

ABC7 Fort Myers News:
Avocado Varieties at Top Tropicals

Link to YouTube Video

We continue the series of ABC-7 News on Top Tropicals selections. Previously, we showed you segments about Butterfly Plants, Rare Fruit Trees, and Mango varieties. Today's video is about growing an Avocado tree in your home garden.

Growing your own avocado tree has many benefits. You can enjoy fresh, delicious avocados right from your garden. Avocado trees are attractive, provide shade, and enhance your landscape. There are many avocado varieties to choose from, offering unique flavors, sizes, and ripening times. You will find Avocado trees for sale online right here at Our trees can be shipped to you!

Watch the news segment by Rachel Anderson for ABC-7:
Avocado Varieties at Top Tropicals.

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Avocado trees in 3 gal pots