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Date: 26 Feb 2023, Entry id: 1677464163-1

Organic or inorganic fertilizers, which is best?

A very smart article by Fedor, Mike, and Ed

Colorful garden

Q: Which one is better - organic or inorganic fertilizer?

A: When it comes to fertilizer, gardeners always wonder if one better than the other. Does a total organic fertilizer make sense for you? Is it easier to just use a cheap granular fertilizer a few times per year? You may be surprised to learn that there is one fertilizer that has advantages over both!

While organic fertilizers may be all the rage, there is the difference between Sunshine Boosters fertilizers, organic and inorganic fertilizers. Sunshine Boosters fertilizers have been especially developed to provide optimal conditions for cultivating crops in pots and greenhouses. These specialized nutrient blends are essential in order to maintain an appropriate environment for successful crop production, as they compensate for the lack of natural beneficial bacteria and nitrifying organisms which are specific to open soil cultivation.
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Hungarian hot wax pepper

In the photos: Hungarian hot wax pepper (above) and a Baby Cucumber (below), both grown in Ed's organic garden with Sunshine Boosters

Baby Cucumber in organic garden