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Date: 22 Dec 2021, Entry id: 1640169062-2

Christmas Fairy Tale from PeopleCats of TopTropicals. Penelope, the Squirrel Cat

Early one morning I was sitting out back on the porch and I heard a high pitch screeching. As I am looking everywhere for this sound, and what is making the sound, I see a small little squirrel baby poke it’s head from between my house and my roof... Now I am not the only one who heard and saw this baby. There were two little sets of cat eyes standing beside me who were also intrigued but for a very different reason than I was...
This is how we became pet squirrel owners. It was never intended for Penelope to stay for long, however the more we bottle feed her and interacted with her the more attached she became to us...
Every time she saw us, she would purr! That’s right, squirrels do purr, just like cats! They also play just like cats...


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Photo above: Jim is exploring jungles of Tecoma Stans.