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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 4 Dec 2020, Entry id: 1607119562-2

Establishing Cerbera Manghas
after a long shipping trip

Q: I live in Hawaii. I purchased Cerbera x manghas - Enchanted Incense. I followed the repotting instructions but it looks like dying? Is the normal for all the leaves to fall off? I only use purified water to mist and water the plant. I let it dry between watering and still it looks sad. Please help!

A: Cerbera is very sensitive to shipping stress (in particular to darkness) and it often loses leaves in transit. Considering long trip to Hawaii, it had extra 1-2 days in transit, longer than to most of the states. Your plant looks very much alive, however we understand your concern about lost leaves.
You need to treat it like Plumera: keep on a dry side until it starts sprouting new leaf growth. Once it gets re-established, you may move it out into regular irrigation or rain.
We recommend to keep it under roof to control water input, but in very blight spot, preferably sunny.
Make sure the soil doesn't get soggy, too much water may kill the plant especially when it is leafless and hence doesn't consume/evaporate much water.
Water only when top of the soil gets slightly dry.
Do not put into bigger container until roots start growing. The plant should recover and start new growth under proper care. Keep us in loop how the plant is doing!

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