Ficus virens, White Fig, Grey Fig, Spotted Fig

Ficus virens

White Fig, Grey Fig, Spotted Fig
Family: Moraceae
Origin: India
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapBig tree taller than 20 ftFull sunModerate waterEdible plantFlood tolerant plantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Ficus virens is able to tolerate full sun and is moderately drought tolerant once established. It can tolerate flooding and is relatively salt tolerant, making it ideal for seaside areas, however, it can't tolerate frost and may require some kind of protection when temperatures drop below 30°F. It is hardy enough to survive in USDA Zones 10-11.

The White Fig is a big tree and can reach heights of twenty feet or more when mature. It is a beautiful tree and can make a great addition to any landscape. The dark green,6-8 inches long and 3 inches wide elliptical shaped leaves of Ficus virens provide a nice contrast.

The edible fruits of Ficus virens are usually 8cm long by 6cm wide and can be harvested when they are fully ripe. They have a mild, sweet, figgy flavor and are high in vitamins and minerals. The fruits can be eaten fresh or dried, and can also be used to make jams and preserves. The leaves are also edible and can be cooked and eaten like greens. They are known to offer a range of health benefits including providing a source of fiber and natural antioxidants.

Apart from its edible fruits, Ficus virens, is easy to grow and maintain, requiring only minimal care. The tree is often grown from cuttings, and it can produce a mature plant in just a few years. It doesn't require frequent pruning however to keep a bushy, aesthetically pleasing shape. In cold regions, it is best to grow the Ficus virens in a container that can be moved indoors during cold spells.

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