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Ficus lutea, Giant-leaved fig, Lagos Rubbertree

Ficus lutea

Giant-leaved fig, Lagos Rubbertree
Family: Moraceae
Origin: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
Big tree > 20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterOrnamental foliageSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Ficus lutea is a large, briefly-deciduous tree, capable of growing to 25m in height. Its large, spreading crown can span 30 to 45m in width. This spreading habit coupled with an often short and buttressed trunk can help in revealing the tree's identity from a distance. Under forest conditions, however, it tends towards a taller growth habit with a somewhat narrower spread. The species also has the ability to become a strangler and is often encountered assuming this habit. The syconia (fruits), borne most often between June and October, are crowded towards the ends of the branchlets in the leaf axils or below the leaves. They measure 15 to 30 mm in diameter, are sessile (stalkless) and are densely hairy to smooth. This species can be grown successfully from both seed and truncheons. Ripe figs should be opened and allowed to dry for a day or so. Alternatively, they can be stored for a few months in a cool, dry and dark spot and sown when conditions are favourable, the recommended time being spring.

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Ficus lutea, Giant-leaved fig, Lagos Rubbertree
Ficus lutea, Giant-leaved fig, Lagos Rubbertree

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