Ficus krishnae, Ficus benghalensis var. krishnae , Krishna Fig, Krishna Butter Cup

Ficus krishnae, Ficus benghalensis var. krishnae

Krishna Fig, Krishna Butter Cup
Family: Moraceae
Origin: India
Big tree taller than 20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterRegular waterOrnamental foliageEthnomedical plant.
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Ficus krishnae is a big tree that can grow taller than 20 feet in its natural habitats. It is native to India where it is found in semi-evergreen to evergreen forests. It is also a popular ornamental plant with its beautiful foliage and it has ethnomedical uses too. It can be grown in USDA Zone 9-11 and prefers full sun to semi-shade. It needs regular to moderate water for best growth.

When growing Ficus krishnae in cold regions, it is best to grow it in a pot and ensure it is kept in a sheltered location. The pot should be placed in an area that gets the most sunshine and it must be brought indoors during the cold winter months. The pot should be filled with well-draining soil. Water the plant regularly but not too much as the roots may rot. It is also important to provide regular fertilization during the growing season. In the winter, reduce watering and fertilizing significantly. Prune the plant regularly to keep its growth in check.

Ficus krishnae is a fast-growing tree that can be a great addition to any garden. With its ornamental foliage and ethnomedical uses, it can provide an attractive and beneficial addition to any landscape. With proper care and maintenance, it can thrive in cold regions, providing a beautiful and unique backdrop to any garden.

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