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Ficus deltoidea, Ficus diversifolia, Mistletoe Fig

Ficus deltoidea, Ficus diversifolia

Mistletoe Fig
Family: Moraceae
Origin: Malay Archipelago
Can be used for bonsaiBig tree taller than 20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeEpiphyteRegular waterModerate waterOrnamental foliageSubtropical, mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short timeFlood tolerantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

This Ficus has waxy leaves and produces small nodules of fruit. The habit is upright and somewhat spreading, like a tree. It is cultivated as a houseplant for its attractive foliage. It also makes a nice shrub or foreground subject for larger trees. This plant prefers warmth and humidity and produces aerial roots under such conditions.This ficus is an epihpyte in its habitat of Southeast Asia but makes a wonderful potted ornamental. Leaf size and shape can vary quite drastically even on a single plant. Leaf shape ranges from triangular to ovate, to sometimes lance-shaped, which is why this plant was once known as Ficus diversifolia. Tiny inedible figs emerge year round and turn red before dropping. This plant has many medicinal properties.

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