Sauromatum (Typhonium) venosum - Voodoo Lily

Small shrub 2-5 ftSemi-shadeUnusual colorFragrantIrritatingSubtropical, cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Rare variety of Amorphophallus ralative. Typhonium venosum, probably better known under its synonym Sauromatum venosum, is a common shade-loving house or garden plant from temperate and tropical Africa and Asia. Tuberous perennial with solitary, segmented round leaf and strange, arum-like flower. Collectable!
It grows to around 20 inches tall from an underground corm. A large T. venosum corm can spawn multiple new corms. Inflorescences emerge before their leaves. This plant is also known as the Voodoo Bulb because of its ability to flower from a corm without soil and water. An inflorescence has a purplish-brown-spotted, yellowish spathe and a purplish-brown spadix which emit a strong odor perceived as similar to cow manure, rotting flesh, or a dirty wet dog, depending on who smells the inflorescence. The odor lasts about 2 days, and attracts carrion-feeding insects which can pollinate this plant.
This plant is dormant from Fall through Winter, shipped as tuber, keep on dry side until it grows back its leaves in Spring.

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