Anthurium veitchii - King Anthurium

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Anthurium veitchii - King Anthurium

Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterKeep soil moistOrnamental foliageWhite, off-white flowers

King Anthurium. Anthurium veitchii is known as the king of anthuriums. A houseplant with dramatic foliage, leaves reaching 3 feet long with a heart shaped base. Flower spike is leathery and greenish-white with a cream colored spadix. Likes partial shade or light shade. In winter, temperatures of not less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit are preferred. Likes a warm and humid atmosphere, so misting is beneficial. Reduce watering in the winter.

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Robusta - Rapid Growth Booster

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