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Chatuchak (Jatujak) Plants Market in Bangkok

This page won't be too long. Although Chatuchack is endless. You can buy everything on this market. You can shop here, have meals, socialize. Weekend is devoted to souvenirs and other goods, and Wednesday-Thursday are plant days, although there are some plants on other days, too, but these two days are the best for plant shopping.

Most of the pictures of Thai plants we took on this market, but we had to make a separate appendix to this story in order to show so many photos of plants. So when you done with Thailand overview pages, continue your plant tour in Thai Plants Gallery.

On Chatuchak Market you can buy almost any Asian plant you can ever imagine, From fragrant Annonaceae plants and jasmines to exotic fruit and rare palms. However, fruit and most of palm trees are not allowed for import to the US. There are also several wonderful bookstores where you can get colorful encyclopedias of Asian plants. Some of the books are available from our store.

More pictures of the Chatuchak market


This large tree is wrightia religiosa...
Buddhist Monks are shopping for plants, too
entada rheedii seed pod


Dollar weed as ornamental
Bonsai store