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03-24-23. Saturday Plant Market. Discount for online shoppers. Special deals, limited time.

03-21-23. First Day of Spring. How to grow Calathea indoors. New arrivals.

03-16-23. St. Patricks Sale. March 25 Spring Plant Market. The Robuster turns it green. New arrivals of rare fruit trees

03-10-23. New arrivals of rare flowering plants that everyone wants.

03-05-23. How to move plants from indoors to outdoors. Cat Zodiac: Pisces Cats. Funny TikTok cats of TopTropicals.

02-26-23. Time to plant, with big savings. Organic or inorganic fertilizers, which is best?

02-22-23. Benefits of growing your own tropical fruit. New arrivals of rare fruit trees.

02-19-23. Presidents Day Sale. Top 5 butterfly attractors. New arrivals of flowering plants.

02-12-23. Easy Sunday Morning Deal: for the Love of Mango

02-08-23. Valentines Week Specials. How to make the best gift plant?

02-06-23. How to make your Olive tree grow faster. Aquarius Cats and their lucky Zodiac plants.

02-01-23. 2023 Mango Selection is here! 10 secrets of growing a Mango tree.

01-27-23. The Robuster: Affordable Smart Fertilizer Injector and Doser.

01-22-23. Today: on New Lunar Year the Moon is the closest in 1000 years. Supermoon Discount. Cat Zodiac: Capricorn Cats.

01-19-23. Happy New Lunar Year. Indoor garden discount. Plants and Cats - do they mix well? The most wanted house plants.

01-13-23. $59 Avocados. Secrets of Winter planting. Easy Winter Bloomers.

01-08-23. A year of hope, a year of the Cat who protects your crop. Plants that bring good luck. Easy Sunday deal: Hoa Mai, the Mickey Mouse plant.

01-04-23. 10 steps to Happy Gardening. Perfect starters for a new garden.



2022 full content

12-30-22. Welcoming 2023. Discount - one day left. A New Year Fairy Tale. Last chance to stock up on Sunshine Boosters at a lower price.

12-28-22. End of the Year Sale. The food of the Gods: a legend of the Guanabana. More plants certified for California.

12-25-22. Merry Christmas. Discounts extended. Lolita and Bermuda Christmas Pie. Colorful accent plants.

12-21-22. Xmas discount. Noni, the Superfruit. Gift Card for Christmas. Heat Cat pack for Winter shipping. Most popular fragrant jasmines.

12-13-22. More $10-$15-$20 plants. Dec 16-17 Christmas Plant Sale. Eight best fruit trees that produce right away.

12-9-22. More plants for $5-10-15 Christmas Basket. Night Blooming Jasmine only $10. Holiday Plant Market.

12-6-22. What to put in your Christmas basket? Take a peek at our Plant Market specials. $5-10-15 Christmas plant gifts.

12-2-22. Christmas countdown. Christmas Gift Plant Market. Sagittarius Zodiac Lucky Plants. Philodendrons sale.

11-28-22. Cyber Monday super savings. B-Farm and consultations on Sunshine Boosters. The Robuster - Smart Injector System coming soon.

11-22-22. Happy Thanksgiving with Holiday savings. Green Friday: Opening B-Farm in Sebring. The most interesting rare fruit trees

11-17-22. This Saturday Fall Festival. Free plant for every guest. Join Festival online with special discounts. Get plants ready for winter: spray this for cold hardiness...

11-13-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deal. Mickey Mouse Plant - Hoa Mai, for good luck. Vietnamese New Year (Tet) 2023 will be Year of the Cat!

11-10-22-Indoor plant collection sale. Grow Purple: Fragrant Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow and more. Fertilizing indoor plants.

11-06-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deal: Annona montana - Mountain Soursop. Annonas grown in our Farm.

11-03-22. Opening soon: new location in Sebring, Central FL. Lucky Zodiac Plants: Plant Horoscope - Scorpio. Mango varieties grown at B-Farm.

10-29-22. Halloween big savings. What are the best Avocado varieties?

10-27-22. Add a little Sunshine to keep your plants looking their best. New arrivals.

10-23-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deal: Akee - Jamaican National Fruit.

10-21-22. Fruit tree discount. Canistel - heart-shaped Egg Super-Fruit. Plant a tree today to enjoy fruit tomorrow.

10-19-22. Winter bloomers discount. Project Ian - re-leaf Florida.

10-16-22. Automatic Savings. Avocados and Champakas in large containers. A pick from our horticulturist.

10-12-22. Sunshine Boosters discount. Fertilizing in Fall. Grow your own food: easy fruit trees and edibles.

10-8-22. October fest online - this weekend deals and additional discount codes.

10-5-22. Shipping resumed. Fall Festival: now Nov 19th. Re-Leaf discount extended. New arrivals.

10-2-22. Hurricane Ian update: we are still standing. Re-leaf discount. Miracle Fruit. The most curious tropical fruit trees.

9-28-22. Libra Zodiac Lucky Plants. Weather discount code.

9-25-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deal - Sweet and Flavorful Guavas.

9-22-22. Discount for trees. Kapok Tree - Sacred Tree at the Center of the Earth. Spectacular majestic trees.

9-18-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deal - Amlak, Otaheite Gooseberry, the fruit of Heaven.

9-15-22. October Festival 10/8/22. PeopleCats Botanical Garden guided tour. Flowering and fruiting vines sale.

9-11-22-Easy-Sunday-Champaka-Joy-Perfume Tree

9-9-22. Grandparents Day. Gift Card. Napoleon's Hat. Most spectacular flowering trees.

9-7-22. Labor Day Sale extended. Today's specials that are selling fast.

9-4-22. Labor Day Sale. Avocado Black Prince. New arrivals of Mango.

8-31-22. August Sale ends today. Plant Horoscope - Virgo

8-25-22. Succulent Sale. Starfish Flower - the largest flower in the world.

8-22-22. Secret Garden: Instant 50% off. August Sale ends soon. What tree will fruit indoors?

8-18-22. More of $5 sale. How hardy is a Loquat tree?

8-14-22. $5 sale, that's right. Avocado Q&A.

8-11-22. Easy plants to plant today. Boost more growth. New Video: Dwarf Guava Hawaiian Rainbow.

8-6-22. August Discount. Garden Calendar: August planting.

8-3-22. Hot August Deals as low as $17.95. Tropical Asparagus.

7-29-22. 20% off Plumeria. Leo Zodiac lucky plants.

7-25-22. Ground Orchids for every Home, 10% off 3 days only

7-22-22. Callisia fragrans, Golden Tendril. Lots of new arrivals.

7-19-22. New video: Royal Poinciana. The most spectacular tropical flowering trees.

7-16-22. The Magic of the Avocado. Cat Philimon eating Avocado

7-11-22. The Milkweed and the Monarch, how to raise your own. Butterfly plants sale.

7-8-22. Pigeon Pea by the paws of the newborn Great Sphinx. Sale ends tomorrow.

7-3-22, Independence Day Discount. New video: the sweetest Night Blooming. What is Lucky Zodiac plant for Cancer? Secret Garden.

7-1-22. New video: Cheena. Last chance to save on Jackfruits.

6-27.22. Perfect Garden Event. New arrivals of Mango, Avocado, and more.

6-24-22. Saturday 6/25 event: Grow Food not Lawns. New fruit trees and online discount.

6-21-22. Avocados from $49.95. Saturday Event. Grow Your Own Food, affordable. Sweet Potatoes - healthy food.

6-17-22. New arrivals of Mango. Father's Day Sale. Mango trees: how to deal with cold weather.

6-13-22. Father's Day Sale. Eugenias. New Video: Lolita Cherry. Secret Garden and half-price specials.

6-7-22. Jackfruit sale. Lalot - Vietnamese pepper. Ukrainians growing food. Most useful tropical edibles.

6-2-22. Event rescheduled to 6/25. New video: Giant Potato Tree. Gemini Zodiac Lucky plants. New arrivals and specials.

5-29-22. Saturday Garden Event. Memorial Day Sale. New video: Akee - Jamaica's National Fruit. Taurus Zodiac Lucky plants.

5-26-22. Memorial Day Sale.

5-18-22. The little mango tree that could. More 30% OFF specials.

5-13-22. New video: Pineapple Annona. 30% OFF weekend specials.

5-8-22. Happy Mother's Day! Fragrant Plumeria Sale.

5-4-22. Mother's Day Sale!

4-30-22. Hoya Sale. Aphrodisiac Superherb: Turnera. Plant of the month: holistic Callisia.

4-22-22. Happy Earth Day and Avocado Sale. What's on sale today.

4-14-22. Happy Easter and discount. Lucky Zodiac plants for Aries. Ukrainian Newborn. Lots of new arrivals.

4-8-22. How to grow bigger plants faster - new video. Fun Rare Plants Flash Sale.

4-2-22. $5 off every fruit tree. Grow Your Own Food: Costa Rican Guava. Cat of the month from Ukraine.

3-26-22. Peace discount extended. Macadamia: Hard Sweet Nut and Hardy Tree. New video.

3-20-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deals. Garden Party Savings.

3-13-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deals. Fig Deal - save 50% and more.

3-9-22. Peace Discount Extended 2 days. How to garden in South Central Florida. New arrivals of Avocados.

3-2-22. Helping Ukraine. Peace Discount. Pisces Lucky Plants. Sunshine Boosters and Blue and Yellow Flowers Special.

2-27-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deals. New Exotic Adeniums.

2-22-22. Spring event. FL winter. Capricorn-Aquarius lucky plants.

2-20-22. Easy Sunday Morning Deals. Grains of Paradise and Pink Cone Ginger: Just add Spice and Color!

2-13-22 Easy Sunday Morning Deals. For the Love of the Garden. Sweetheart and Chocolate. Happy Valentine's Day!

2-9-22 Dragon Fruit Video. Plant Horoscope

2-5-22 Easy Sunday - Fried Egg Tree and Giant Mafafa

2-22-22 Year of Tiger

1-23-22 Easy Sunday. Jackfruits

1-19-22 Ficus. Avocado. Rare plants

1-15-22 Easy Sunday Aloha

1-12-22 Happy Value Avocado. Strobilanthes

1-8-22 Easy Sunday: Are you figging me?

1-5-22 Coffee video. Winter bloomers





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