Zamioculcas x Black Dragon - Black ZZ Plant

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Small shrub 2-5 ftSemi-shadeModerate waterOrnamental foliageSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Black ZZ Plant is a rare collectible succulent plant that has attractive dark glossy foliage due to its high concentration of chlorophyll. In fact, is one of the few plants that its leaves are almost black.
Zamioculcas can store water giving them the capacity to survive for long periods of time without water. This makes ZZ plant one of the best drought-tolerant plants on Earth.
Ii is called sometimes Aroid Palm - an ancient relic, along with Gonatopus, with a unique characteristic (for Aroids) in that the leaflet can fall to the ground, root and form bulblets. This feature is not known in aroids outside of the Zamioculcadeae.
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