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Date: 5 May 2023, Entry id: 1683284463-2

Severe weather:
How to help your plants survive

Beautiful mango tree

By Ed Jones, the Booster Guy

Q: A horrible hailstorm hit last night, damaging the majority of plants and trees on my property (piles of hail left like snow - crazy!). Do you have any advice on how to give plants some extra TLC while they recover? Any tips are appreciated.

A: Spring is here and in some areas of the country, so is severe weather season. So what can you do to give your plants a fighting chance when Mother Nature shows her ugly side? Here in Florida, spring and summer thunderstorms are a normal occurance. Unfortunately, those storms often come with small tornados, high winds and sometimes hail.

The photo below was from a hail storm that came through the north side of Sebring, Florida in April of 2022.

Hail storm in Florida

So the question remains. What can we do to help our plants when this type of weather strikes? Well the short answer is that there is not much we can do to prevent it from happening. These storms usually strike pretty quickly and most of us, given some warning, will chose to make sure vehicles are in the garage if possible and that loose items in the yard are brought in to a safe place. If you have time to move potted plants, that would be great, but it is not worth risking your own safety to do so.

The good news is that most plants will recover on their own. Even though they may look ugly for a while, patience is the best cure for most of them. Of course, the healthier the plant, the better chance it will have when it suffers damage due to severe weather. A good fertilizer plan along with regular doses of micronutrients will help your plants to be at their best so that they can recover quickly. And here is what you can do... CONTINUE READING >>

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