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Mango: Fruit of Love and Friendship

Black lab dog with mango fruit

In the photo: Mango Princess reincarnated. Mango is a Lab dog that got pregnant and lost her home... But she found her new life at Top Tropicals PeopleCats community. And she brought us a basket of happy puppies!

According to Hindu folklore, there was once a Sun Princess who was cruelly burned to death by a wicked sorceress... However, from the ashes of the princess, a mango tree sprung up, and the Emperor was immediately enchanted by the beauty of its blooms. The fruit that followed was equally as captivating and when the ripe mangoes fell from the tree, the Sun Princess was reincarnated.

Starting that moment on, the mango became a symbol of love and affection in India, and offering someone a basket of mangoes was seen as a gesture of friendship.

Today, mangoes are widely regarded as the most consumed fruit in the world, with approximately half of all tropical fruits produced globally being mangoes.

Cats and dogs and puppies and mango fruit


Gift Plants

Jasmine Sambac Maid of Orleans

In the photo: fragrant Jasmine Sambac Maid of Orleans

How to make the best gift plant?

1. Consider her/his interests and environment: Think about the recipient's favorite colors, preferred growing conditions (e.g. sunlight, temperature), and any specific plants they already have and like.

2. Choose an easy plant, especially when giving it to inexperienced gardener. Desert roses, Plumerias, Indoor plants are great for both beginners and experts.

3. Something to enjoy right away: Select an established plant with developed roots and foliage. Grafted fruit trees will produce soon, and aroma of a spice tree can be appreciated without waiting for it to grow bigger. House plants such as Philodendrons with ornamental foliage will brighten the room.

4. Presentation matters: Wrap the plant in decorative paper or a gift bag, and consider adding a bow or tag for a personal touch.

5. Add a personal touch: Consider pairing the plant with a personalized message or a small item such as a watering can, plant food, or a pretty planter. Your thoughtfulness will make the gift even more special.

Some gift plant ideas: Jasmines - Desert Roses - Gingers - Mango - Avocado - Spice plants - Indoor plants - easy maintenance plants - Plants of Love: Aphrodisiacs.

Annona Tree Sugar Apple with fruit on it

In the photo: Annonas are one of the most popular tropical fruit trees, fast fruiting, suitable for small gardens and container culture


Cat Zodiac
Aquarius Cats 1/20-2/18

Aquarius zodiac cat laying on a bed with pillows

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

The astrological sign of a cat can be determined by either their date of birth or adoption, as adoption is often considered a second birth for cats. With this information, one can discover the astrological traits that describe the cat, such as their independence, diva-like tendencies, sense of humor, intelligence, and more. Additionally, it's also important to consider the astrological relationship between cats and plants...

The Aquarius cat is a very popular purrson. These cats have a unique ability to form a network of friends and allies, not just among other cats, but also with dogs, koi-koi fish in the ponds, goldfish in aquariums, parrots, and other pets and creatures in the neighborhood. The humans in their lives are also fully integrated into this pack, and the Aquarius cat takes great pride in being a central figure and leader within this community. They view themselves as the "Sheriff of the regional district," commanding respect and authority among their fellow creatures, humans including...
...Tired of the hustle and bustle of society, Aquarius cats often seek out secluded places surrounded by tall grass and fragrant plants, which can even be a simple pot with your favorite plant...

Aquarius zodiac cat laying on a bed with pillows


How to make your Olive tree grow faster

Ed's Olive trees in the garden

In past blog posts, Ed Jones shared his insights on cultivating olives in Central Florida using Sunshine Boosters. Despite olives having a reputation for slow growth and being uncommon in Florida gardens, Ed has successfully grown not only productive but also aesthetically pleasing trees in just two years. As seen in this winter photo, the trees are thriving!
Encouraged by Ed's success, we have decided to plant
olive trees as well. They are low maintenance and tolerant to cold temperatures. Simply heed Ed's advice, and you too can have a beautiful tree that produces your own olives in the future.

Olive branch with fruit


10 secrets of growing a perfect Mango tree

Grow Your Own Food

Mango fruit with fertilizer Mango Tango Sunshine Boosters

How to grow a healthy and productive mango tree?

1. Right variety. Select a vigorous grower for in-ground planting, or a condo mango cultivar for growing in container. More info on varieties.
2. Soil must be well-drained. If planted in the ground, plant on a little elevation (see How to plant a tree)
3. Full sun is a must. The more sun, the more flower and fruit.
4. Water. Keep mango tree on a dry side, water young trees regularly but let top of the soil dry before next watering. Mango trees don't like wet feet.
5. Air circulation is important for mango tree to eliminate diseases. Allow enough space from other trees and buildings.
6. Fungicide. Mango leaves are very susceptible do fungal issues, especially in humid climates likу Florida. Spray fungicide (Copper or similar) according to the label, once a month.
7. Fertilize year around with every watering with liquid fertilizer Sunshine Boosters Mango Tango. Apply Micro-elements once a month and use other good supplements.
8. Shape. Check out Video: Tipping your mango tree - to shape the most vigorous and productive tree.
9. Protect from hard freeze. Mango tree doesn't take freezing temperatures well. In subtropical areas Mango can be protected. Alternatively, it can successfully produce in container, if moved indoors during cold weather.
10. Fruit. Mango tree produces thousands of little flowers, many of them can set fruit. Do not let a small, young tree to keep more than 1-2 fruit, remove extra, to avoid exhaustion. Allow 2-3 years for the tree to establish until it produces a full crop. Apply Sunshine Honey supplement to your tree for sweeter fruit.

Perfectly shaped mango tree

Tipping mango tree video


The Robuster: smart and simple
Automatic care-free plant feeder!

The Robuster, Smart Fertilizer 

Affordable Smart Fertilizer Injector and Doser

Tired of mixing fertilizer in watering cans?
Struggling to keep up with the growth of your garden?
Need to adjust fertilizer schedules for different plants and weather conditions?
Professional injectors are expensive and complicated?
Look no further! Affordable and user-friendly solution for any gardener -

The Robuster.
Set up... Sit back...
...enjoy your garden!

The Robuster is a unique smart device for irrigation systems and is designed to help make fertilizing your garden easier. Simple to install, The Robuster utilizes a computerized controller that injects liquid fertilizer into your irrigation system based on your preset dosage. The Robuster will work in your yard, garden or farm, small or large. Designed to be used with Sunshine Boosters amino acid based liquid fertilizers, it also works with any liquid plant food that requires a dosage from 5 - 25 ml per gallon of water.
Let The Robuster do the feeding so you have more time to enjoy your garden! Your first gallon of Sunshine Boosters is available to you at a 50% discount with the purchase of this unit! Sunshine Boosters are also available at deep discounts with our subscription program (coming soon). Contact us for more information.

Developed in Ukraine. Manufactured in the USA.
Introductory low price! Only 4 units available at this time.
Contact us for installation availability
Learn more:

Blog: About The Robuster with pictures
Amazing video: The Robuster in Ed's garden

The Robuster in the gardens

Starter gardens at TopTropicals as well as container plants, are fertilized with the Robuster with every watering

container plants fertilized with The Robuster


Cat Zodiac:
Capricorn Cats 12/22-1/19

Capricorn cat sitting in cassia tree

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

The astrological sign of a cat can be determined by either their date of birth or adoption, as adoption is often considered a second birth for cats. With this information, one can discover the astrological traits that describe the cat, such as their independence, diva-like tendencies, sense of humor, intelligence, and more. Additionally, it's also important to consider the astrological relationship between cats and plants...

The Capricorn cat is a busy feline. They are known for climbing curtains and scaling ladders in the garden with ease. No fear of heights here! As they age, Capricorn cats become wise and practical, they are cautious and consider their options before acting impulsively. It is easy to see the wheels turning in their head when they are faced with problems. Capricorn cats take daily necessities like grooming and litter box etiquette seriously. They are skilled hunters, companions, bodyguards, nurses, and box-inspectors, and they love their jobs. Similar to Capricorn humans, Capricorn cats have a love for plants that grow outdoors in gardens or patios...

Find out the best plants for a Capricorn Cat...

Plant Horoscope for Humans: Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac lucky plants


1-22-2023: New Lunar Year

Happy New Lunar 2023 Year Cat Rabbit

Customer message: Happy new year! My family is Chinese and we celebrate the lunar new year this weekend… the year of the rabbit. Wasn't sure if this email was sent in error (maybe your founder is Vietnamese? I think they celebrate the year of the cat...

Answer: You are right, it is a Year of the Rabbit in Chinese calendar, and it is also a Year of the Cat in Vietnamese, both starting from January 22nd, 2023. While in Chinese culture it is called a Year of the Rabbit, the Cat was seen as more relevant to the daily lives of Vietnamese farmers, who valued the cat's ability to protect their crops from rats, squirrels... Here at Top Tropicals we have a multi-national team, and although we don't have a Vietnamese person yet, but we have lots of cats - all kinds!

Happy New Year of the two furry friends:

Cat, Rabbit and Flowers

Flowers in the photo above: Clerodendrum philippinum - Cashmere Bouquet, Scent Malli. Very fragrant off-white flowers, carnation-like, coming in big clusters. Shade tolerant shrub, great for shade gardens as well as indoor culture to enjoy tropical fragrance year around.


Plants and Cats... do they mix well?

Cat with houseplant collection in a tub

How to keep cats and plants together without going crazy

Growing indoor plants is a great hobby because it provides a sense of accomplishment and allows you to have a piece of nature inside your home. Many people know that indoor plants improve air quality and have a calming and stress-relieving effect...
Having cats in the house is also fun: they provide companionship and can be very affectionate. Just like plants, they also have a calming effect on people and can be very entertaining to watch. Taking care of a cat can provide a sense of responsibility and can be very rewarding...
When it comes to keeping both of these rewarding hobbies in the same house, the question is: are they compatible? Cats may be attracted to houseplants because they like to chew on leaves or dig in the soil... others pull the vines or even swing in hanging baskets!

To keep cats and houseplants in the same house follow these tips:

  1. Grow a potted "cat grass" so a cat has some greens to chew
  2. Provide alternatives such as chew toys
  3. Train your cat... yes, sometimes it takes a spray bottle to teach staying away from a plant!
  4. Create barriers/screens
  5. Consider keeping plants in hanging baskets out of reach.

This will help keep your cats and plants happy and healthy together! As a purrfect start - order rare indoor plants online...

Cat James Coconuts working with 

In the photo: James Coconuts is planning his handyman project


Secrets of Winter planting:
Tropical Planting Breaks the Rules

Winter flowering tree - Ceiba

by Murray Corman, Garden of Delights

Wintertime does not just mean hard work for tropical gardeners. It is also a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Winter-blooming plants and the visitors they attract - birds, bats and butterflies - make the garden as enjoyable in winter as any other time of year.
What a welcome relief: January daytime temperatures in the 70s, dropping to the 60s at night. This is why I came to live in the subtropics of southern Florida. The balmy climate of South Florida represents one of the few places on the mainland United States where tropical plants thrive unprotected outdoors.
But just as I had to leave behind so many of my favorite northern trees, so too did I have to put behind me many of the so-called "rules" of horticulture. These had worked well for me up north and I thought they would hold true anywhere in the world. Florida's subtropical climate posed new challenges and I soon realized that gardening in the Sunshine State would not be business as usual...

See also: A Guide to Cold Hardy Tropical Fruit Trees and Avoicado Varieties (pdf download)

Noni tree with Christmas tree indoors

Photo above: Noni is not just a useful fruit tree, but also a great ornamental for both sun or shade. It is also great for interior floral design or as an exotic addition to your room decorations in Winter! It fruits year round even indoors!
Order Noni online.