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Date: 19 Jan 2023, Entry id: 1674114362-1

Plants and Cats... do they mix well?

Cat with houseplant collection in a tub

How to keep cats and plants together without going crazy

Growing indoor plants is a great hobby because it provides a sense of accomplishment and allows you to have a piece of nature inside your home. Many people know that indoor plants improve air quality and have a calming and stress-relieving effect...
Having cats in the house is also fun: they provide companionship and can be very affectionate. Just like plants, they also have a calming effect on people and can be very entertaining to watch. Taking care of a cat can provide a sense of responsibility and can be very rewarding...
When it comes to keeping both of these rewarding hobbies in the same house, the question is: are they compatible? Cats may be attracted to houseplants because they like to chew on leaves or dig in the soil... others pull the vines or even swing in hanging baskets!

To keep cats and houseplants in the same house follow these tips:
1. Grow a potted "cat grass" so a cat has some greens to chew
2. Provide alternatives such as chew toys
3. Train your cat... yes, sometimes it takes a spray bottle to teach staying away from a plant!
4. Create barriers/screens
5. Consider keeping plants in hanging baskets out of reach.
This will help keep your cats and plants happy and healthy together! As a purrfect start - order rare indoor plants online...

Cat James Coconuts working with 

In the photo: James Coconuts is planning his handyman project