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Date: 30 Jun 2021, Entry id: 1625050562-2

Healthy Plants: Q&A from Mr Booster

Meet our new Booster Guy

Plants need food too! Our line of Complete Plant Nutrition system - Sunshine Boosters - will give your plants exactly what they need, and nothing they don't! The boosters are easy to use, and -

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- as a part of our 4th of July specials!

We have a new team member to help you learn more about Sunshine Boosters and how they can make your plants grow healthy and fast.
Meet Ed Jones - our new Booster Guy! Ed will be your contact for all Sunshine Boosters questions, he will help you with fertilizer product selection and ordering.

Soon we will introduce some new fun stuff... including: new advanced formulas, and cool electronics for ultimate control of your plant collections, gardens, greenhouses, and groves... Stay connected!


Meet Ed's serious Booster People: Roxy and Delilah